Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Deep thoughts by Dayton

Tonight during scripture study we were reading about the tree of life and how Nephi prayed to know more about the tree and the fruit and he received an answer to his prayer in the form of a vision and learned about what the tree of life symbolized.
Dayton says, "What if we pray about the tree of life and ask about what the white fruit is and he (Heavenly Father) answers us that it's fruit"----we all laughed and that was the end of scripture study. I guess you have to be there. Dayton's awesome.


TJ said...

Dayton is awesome....at Sadie's blessing during the testimonies he and I had a little discussion on what you are supposed to bear testimony of...Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and so forth....he was very inquisitive and I was impressed! :)

Ryan Carrie Emma Riley Max said...

Yay, you have a blog! Can i add you to my list too? Dayton is such a cutie, and Sadie looked so sweet in her blessing dress on Sunday!

Hansen said...

love the religious conversations with kids. Max always has the funny comments. She was praying once and asked to keep us safe...(pause) from the coyotes. Huh? Yeah they come up with some funny stuff. Your family is growing up so fast. Reese looks like Landon from the last time I saw you.