Sunday, October 25, 2009

Landon's first year of Tackle football

Whenever anybody asked me what I was doing the answer was usually the same....Landon has football. Landon playing tackle football was a real eye opener for me on what my future with three boys is going to hold. Two hour practices everyday until school starts then two hour practices three times a week when school starts and games on Saturday that can be anywhere from two to three hours.
The Erie nine year olds had two teams this year. Since this was Landon's first year he was on the team with all the new kids. One thing I learned is that there is a lot of politics even in little kids sports teams. Travis and I not knowing this were out of town in Utah on vacation during football camp as most other parents of first time tackle football players were not at the football "camp". Actually, it was more of a tryout. Long story short the "seasoned" coach got to pick his team first leaving everyone who was new or not as practiced for the second team. It wasn't that our team didn't have talent. We did, a lot of the kids were really great, Landon included. It was more of a size issue. You can see in the picture below my 60 pound Landon was holding off 100-150 pound opponents. Usually our biggest kid was smaller than the other teams smallest kid.
The good news is Landon gained a lot of experience this year. On offense Landon alternated between running back and offensive line. (Again, a 60 pound offensive lineman? Tiny but mighty!) On defense he played outside linebacker. Another fun thing is that Travis was able to help coach when he was in town and really helped the kids learn how to tackle effectively. One year down #? to go? (Landon is #41 with the green long sleeve shirt under his jersey)

Dayton's Soccer

Dayton decided to play soccer this fall and is really having a lot of fun. He has been able to play forward and scored a goal in every game except one. So far his team is undefeated. Watching him play soccer has made me really miss playing, he is such a good kid and we love watching him. Go Dayton!

Is it time for Soccer? Is it time for Soccer? Is it time for Soccer?

When you are the third child with two older brothers you are most likely going to attend many football, basketball, baseball and soccer games. Reece has definitely paid his dues and since he has reached the magical age of three he is finally old enough to participate in a few things of his own. Here he is in the Tiny Tyke soccer program. He loved it!

Reece's good friends Peter Lorch (blue) and Max Christensen (orange) were also Tiny Tykes this year.

Reece at swimming lessons

Reece is a super swimmer and loves his swim class he takes every Thursday over at Lifetime Fitness.

Jasper Jensen

I guess it's time we introduced the newest member of our family--Jasper Jensen our new little weimaraner......atleast he was little when we got him but he is only four months old and on his 3rd collar. He is a sweetie. Although he is in the house with us most the time when we are home Travis and the boys also built him a new doghouse.

I should let you know this doghouse comes fully insulated, carpeted and with it's own temperature controlled hound heater for those cold Colorado days.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bragging Blog

Today Landon brought home a paper from school stating that he had scored in the top 5 percent of his grade on the Math CSAP test and when that happens the school likes to do additional testing to see if he qualifies for the Gifted and Talented program they have at the school for that subject. So I was happy about that and was giving him high fives and everything. I didn't want to get him too excited so I told him he isn't in the program they just want to do testing to see if he should be in it and this is what he says to me.
Landon: "I know, I probably will be though since I was last year"
Me: "huh"
Landon: "You know, I probably will be in it again since I was last year"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Landon: "MOM, you know how I was in the Gifted and Talented program last year"
Me: "You were in the Gifted and Talented program for Math last year?"
Landon: "Ya, with Ms. Simms!"
Me: "Oh, I knew you went with a separate group but I didn't know THAT was the Gifted and Talented class"
Landon: "Can I watch TV"
Me: "okay"
Needless to say I don't think my parent's received any papers from school asking permission to do further testing, I think they were happy that I learned to dress myself in the mornings. Good job Landon, you are awesome.