Sunday, July 25, 2010

My baby is TWO!

Happy Birthday Sadie!  
This is what she wanted to wear to her party--pretty typical--she is in a house with boys all day.
I managed to get her to take off the mask and put on the birthday crown but she was not having anything to do with a shirt. Okay, she's 2 and it's her Birthday so whatever right?
Dad did the honors of making her Birthday Cake.  Pineapple Upside Down cake-Yum!

Her gifts included lots of girlie things like Strawberry Shortcake purse, My little ponies, new swimsuit and clothes and a lovely grocery shopping cart that she had been eyeing on our last Toys R'Us visit.  

Having Sadie in our home has been nothing but a joy.  She is my snuggler and such a big helper.  I definitely have a little shadow following me around  doing what mommy does.  Does it get any better?  I love you Sadie Ann

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Elevate Running Camp-Flagstaff Arizona

My running camp experience
I follow a few running blogs and a few weeks ago as I was reading Lazy Bones Running there was a post about "Mean Deans"! It was a really hard speed/strength running workout. I was curious so I clicked on the link and that is where I was introduced to Coach Dean and his Elevate Running Camp. It sounded interesting and helpful but what are the chances that I could go and am I brave enough to go to a running camp when I really have no clue about running? If it was basketball, soccer or spa camp sure, but running? Anyway, I pondered on it but didn't really consider it but I just kept thinking about it, and thinking about it. Finally I asked Travis if he was going to be in town during the dates of the camp and miraculously he was. I emailed Coach Dean and asked if there was room for one more and a week before camp I found myself signed up and paid and that was that. Suddenly I was going to running camp?! AHHHH!
Below is a picture of Coach Dean Hebert the director of the Elevate running camp. He has too many achievements and credentials for me to list on my blog so take a minute and check out his site if your interested. I'll just say that I learned more from him in the 4 days I was at running camp than I have in the last 5 years I've been running. (And if I've ever given you any advice on running than forget it because I was pretty much wrong on everything) Thanks to Coach Dean I'm excited again about running and feel like I have the tools I need to become the runner I want to be.

Coach Dean giving Alisha her Elevate Running Camp T-shirt! Woot woot!
We learned SO much it would be impossible to list everything but some of the topics presented and discussed were:

  • Neuromuscular training
  • The "old" philosophy of training of more miles vs the New Science of quality over quantity
  • Learning how to prioritize training workouts
  • What workouts you should do
  • Eliminating "junk miles" or "tweeners" which are basically just going out to run a certain number of miles without any purpose (probably most of the way I ran before)
  • Hill running and how to run hills
  • Speed workouts, speed and strength workouts
  • Finding what pace you should be
  • Mental training
  • Injury prevention
  • Aqua running
  • The three "R"s
  • Nutrition
  • How to make your own effective quality running plan
  • Along with much more detail within all these topics.
Below is a picture of Deb, Rob and me (taking lots and lots of notes during one lecture)

A picture of Rob and Kyle sporting their new NAU (Northern Arizona University) shirts. The camp took place on the University Campus in Flagstaff Arizona. We stayed in the dorms :) It was comfortable and the camp fee was great ($325 for 4 days-including room, food, and everything for the camp)

Fellow campers Michael, Renee and Rob

As you can guess at running camp you go running a lot. Who knew? :) Here we have Coach Dean explaining to us how we should run up hills. Here is a short steep hill we are suppose to run up at mile pace (the pace we would run if we were only running 1 mile, not a all out sprint but a fast pace)

Rob Charging up the Hill

Michael going up the hill

Deb on the hill

Renee, Christina (author of Lazy Bones Running blog), and Alicia

Jackie and me running up the hill

At the top catching our breath
Here is another workout that was a long steady hill run we did and we were suppose to try and stay at 5K pace since it was a longer hill. This is considered a more passive hill running workout because of the steady pace and running up and down the hill. Deb is a strong athlete and would get a head start and try not to let Rob catch her. Rob is a strong runner and made hill running (and any kind of running) look easy.

Kyle is a fast runner and is a twenty-something single guy who acted like a twenty something single guy and we liked to tease him but it made camp fun. He usually lapped me several times on all workouts and on this last hill workout I was finally getting to the top of the hill with about 50 meters to go and I suddenly heard some breathing behind me and I turned around to see Kyle come around the corner about 70 meters back and I'll be damned if he wasn't going to pass me on his SECOND hill run and it was only my first hill so somehow I managed to dig deep and pull out a kick and make it to Coach Dean before he overtook me. I have to celebrate my victories even if they are just to only get lapped by Kyle twice instead of three times :)

Here we all are at the top of the hill at Lowell observatory (this is where they discovered Pluto)
I was by far the most inexperienced runner and the slowest runner of the group but runners are amazing people and my new running friends from Elevate Running Camp were no different and took me under their wings and helped me feel welcome and I learned so much. Deb was so inspirational and such a strong person it was comical to me that she didn't think of herself as a runner (her real sport is nordic track skiing-she is on the US nordic track team and she is a ultra runner and her short races are the 50 milers, preferring the 100+ mile distances) Christina is an amazingly fast runner and circled back several times after finishing her run to help me get through the last of my run. Michael did the same. Renee and Rob always offered me words of encouragement. It didn't go unnoticed and I appreciated the support. Sometimes in life you do something out of you comfort zone and you think "Why am I even here?" I was very much feeling this way before I came to camp and the first day of camp I was trying hard not to let my emotions show but let's face it I don't have much of a poker face and I wear my emotions on my sleeve. It was quite obvious from the first run that those at the camp were much better than me and if I could of out run them I might have headed for my car and got in and never come back but I stuck it out and it was an amazing experience.

Here is a picture of all of us having a "night out" from the cafeteria.
From left: Alicia, Christina, Renee, Jackie, Rob, Michael, Coach Dean, me, and Deb (missing from picture is Kyle)

Thank you Coach Dean for an amazing four days of running and life education, running workouts and therapy! It was awesome! I'll be back next year!

Have you ever done something out of your comfort zone?  What was it?
Happy Running!

**Thank you to my husband Travis and my kids for being so willing to let me go and have this experience, I could have never done it without all your support. Love you so much.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poor Jasper

While we were in Utah for vacation for three weeks we were not able to bring Jasper so we scouted out some boarding places and boarded him. I called every few days and was always told he was doing just fine but of course, how can you ever really know? Well about 4 days before we were suppose to be going back to Arizona we get a call from the Boarding place that they found blood in Jasper's stool and that he was looking really lethargic. Keep in mind he is in Arizona where it is 115 degrees out. The place was an indoor/outdoor kennel but we were worried. We told them to take him to the vet and long story short, after running lots of blood tests, x-rays, etc. everything came back normal but the vet said he was very dehydrated and wasn't acting like a puppy. She gave him an IV and he immediately started getting better. I know the kennel had water available at all times for the animals so I don't know why he would be dehydrated but he was. We were happy to get back to Arizona and get Jasper back in our care. Travis took this picture of me allowing Jasper to ride home from the kennel on my lap (he is 75 lbs). And I've forgiven him of the carpet eating incident. Total cost for boarding and vet for our 3 week vacation- $1300. This dog is more spoiled than my kids. What can you do.

Here he is when we first got him. Eight weeks old.
My protector on my night runs. Glad you are feeling better buddy.

Monday, July 5, 2010

"No kids under Eight allowed on the Dam tour!"

On our way back to Arizona from Utah we decided to go the Vegas route. We stopped at the Hoover Dam and showed the kids. (Actually what happened is I was telling Travis not to stop because I am terrified of heights and it was freaking me out. He stopped anyway and said "Fine you sit here" and took the kids to show them. I was terrified but forced myself to follow after him because otherwise it was certain that one of my kids would plunge to certain death from the wall without me there) It is hard to see how freaky it is in the pictures so just take my word for it. The bridge in the background is HUMONGOUS! They built a new highway to acommodate traffic and my guess is to reduce security issues of people driving across the Dam.

Well since we were there I said we might as well do the tour. We rode the escalator down to the tour start and guess what? There was a sign that said "No Kids under Eight on the Dam Tour"--I wish I would have taken a picture of that because it was funny. So guess what we all repeated over and over because we find humor in saying the word Dam a lot. Landon and Dayton came up with varying saying such as "Well, I don't want to go on the Dam tour anyway" and "Dam tours are for losers". Here is a picture of us leaving the Dam tour area via the Dam escalator. Okay I'm done :)
(P.S.--The Dam tour is $30 per person!? Rip off)
We settled for some nachos and the boys showed how tough they were by placing a jalepeno on each one. Then we headed back to the car. The End.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dayton's Special Day

July 3rd was a very special day for our family. Dayton was baptized in Utah with family and friends there to celebrate. It was nice to have most of my siblings there with their families to support us and Travis's Aunts came as well. My good friend Molly Cherrington also came to support Dayton. Something wonderful about seeing your husband and child all in white. Landon was able to give the opening prayer, all of Dayton's cousins sang a special musical number and Grandpa Honeycutt gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. We love you Dayton and are pleased with your decision to be baptized.
Handsome guys
Our little family. Proud moment for mom and dad.
Dayton with Grandma and Grandpa Honeycutt
Mom and Dad gave Dayton his first set of scriptures for his baptism. Study and learn from them son. Grandma and Grandpa Honeycutt gave Dayton a baptism journal to help him remember this day.
Aunt Kathy, Aunt Dawn, Aunt Heidi and daughter Brooklyn (not pictured Aunt Mignon "Boo") all came to support Dayton and their oldest nephew Travis. I am closer to these women than my own Aunts and appreciate their support of our little family. I know it isn't easy as they are all very busy with their own children and grandchildren. Thanks for coming.
Sunday after Dayton was baptized Aunt Tami and Uncle Chris blessed their 3rd son Shay and we took a impromptu Honeycutt family photo. All kids and grandkids are here. First time in how long? It's a miracle. It was great to be together. I love my family so much. Living away from family you learn to appreciate them so much. Having almost everyone at Dayton's baptism was so great. Uncle Kevin is a river guide and was in the Grand Canyon Saturday during Dayton's baptism but was able to make it back for the blessing.
All the grandkids of Ken and LeeAnn Honeycutt
**Side note: The Day before Dayton's baptism I went to my suitcase to get the paper that I had from my Bishop in Arizona to allow Dayton and Travis permission to get baptized in Utah. I had placed it in the front pocket for safe keeping. Well it wasn't there. Panicking I searched everything but it wasn't anywhere. After several phone calls between the presiding Bishop and my Bishop in Arizona everything "was approved" and it was fine. I mention this because when I got my suitcase off the luggage carousel after returning from Hawaii I noticed the front pocket was open and I had a thought to look for the paper and make sure it was there. I ignored the thought as I just wanted to get back to my parents and see my kids. I don't know what happened but I'm guessing I ignored a prompting from the HG and if I would have listened perhaps I would have avoided the missing form hassle. Live and learn. Thought I would document so I can remember to listen even if it seems like a small thing.