Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A child's prayer

Last night this was Reece's prayer:
"Dear Heavenly Father, please bless grandma and Briggs, please help me be nice, please bless that it won't snow so we can jump on the trampoline, please bless we can get a doggy, a little one that I can take care of, please bless that we can get some lions, (this is when Dayton intervened and told Reece we can't get lions until Jesus comes again), in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
I love my kids!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Zoo Days

Reece was very interested in all the animals at the Denver Zoo. Here he is taking a look at one of the snake exhibits.
All the animals were very alert during our visit today. The polar bear kept climbing up and down this rock.
Checking out the giraffe's. I don't know what kind of evil grin this is on Dayton.
The Komodo Dragon took interest in Reece and kept rubbing up against the glass to see him better.

Travis and the kiddos checking out the lizards and birds in the jungle exhibit.

We were eating lunch and these geese kept coming closer and closer trying to get our food. Travis thought it was great and kept taking pictures. I was a little paranoid that they were going to start pecking at Reece and Sadie so I was shielding them. You can see the annoyed look on my face that said "Quit taking pictures and save us from these freaking birds".

Mom and Sadie Ann. It takes a lot to impress Sadie, she wasn't that impressed with the Zoo.
It's hard to see in the picture but this was a very aggressive jaguar. It kept pacing back and forth and I was hoping we weren't going to have a "Harry Potter" moment where the glass dissappeared. Check out the jaguar's eyes, very creepy.

Landon was very excited about something......nobody knows what. Monkey see, monkey do!

Reece and mom enjoying the day together. It was perfect weather for our little family excursion.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reece turns to the big 3!

Our little Reece has reached his 3rd birthday! We celebrated at night after a usual crazy day of basketball games, gym workouts, and necessary errands. Mom, Landon and Reece went to pick up the Pizza for the Big Birthday Blowout while Dayton and Dad set up the party and on the way home guess who fell asleep in the car and was conked out for his own party. It started out a little rough for the guy but once mom let him eat a cupcake before his dinner he was all smiles.

Reece insisted that Dad hold the cupcake tower down for him to blow out the candles because he didn't want to stand on his chair to blow them out.

Oversized coloring book that he had been eyeing on recent Target trips.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Jensen for the Walmart Gift Card. I'm sure he will love choosing something fun.
Trucks, coloring books, and fun play sand from Grandma and Grandpa Honeycutt--thank you!

Big Tonka Dumptruck! I love the forced pizza face smile!
We Love you Reece! Happy Birthday!

Christmas 2008

Christmas Morning! Santa came and brought too much stuff as usual! Sleds for the boys, bakugans, candy, bike and skateboard ramp, video games and movies, board games.
Some of the favorites include:
For Landon--Electric keyboard.
Dayton--Dinosaur that you build.
Reece--Automatic tee ball.
Sadie--Pink play baby gym.
Mom--Flannel grandma PJ's and Twilight books.
Dad--clothes (very exciting).
Probably the most exciting gift was from mom and dad--a new trampoline all set up courtesy of mom and dad freezing their keisters off at around 2:00am ! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Eve

Most christian families celebrate Christmas Eve with some variation of the Christmas story and telling the birth of Jesus Christ. The Jensen's somehow ended up running around in the snow Christmas eve in their swimsuits instead!! Okay let me qualify, two of the Jensen's, Landon and Dayton ran around in the snow in their swimsuits...I don't know why and I've stopped asking, but after they were frozen they wanted a picture so here it is! Goofballs!
I told them to lay in the snow and I'll take a picture of them, but they were a bit chicken, here is the sort of laying in the snow picture!

Like many families we have a tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve which is always a big surprise of pajama's. However, unlike most families, we apparently took the picture before the Christmas pajama's were on........uhhh hmmm.

The telling of the Christmas story and the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ did make it's appearance at the end of the evening before we tucked the little ones into bed. We are grateful for the Savior Jesus Christ and grateful that we have the gospel in our home, even if it is a crazy home. After the little ones were in bed dreaming of sugar plums and that other stuff kids dream about at Christmas time, mom and dad waited for Santa while watching the wonderful seasonal movie Ironman. Oh the Magic of Christmas!