Friday, June 25, 2010

While you were out....

While I was lying in bed with shingles in Hawaii my kids were having a blast with Grandma and Grandpa Honeycutt, Aunt JeriLynn, Aunt Tami, Uncle Kyle and Uncle Travis and all their cousins. Activities included a birthday party, lots of swimming, movies, Thanksgiving Point, Cousin sleepover party at Aunt Jerilynn's complete with a tent, Liberty land rollercoaster and speed track and laser tag. Did I miss anything? I have to admit I was a little jealous....sheesh. Here are a few pictures of the adventures. They had SO SO SO much fun.
Carter, Sadie and Reece
Landon, Brady and Dayton
Brady, Dayton in the background
Kenaydee and Sadie

Amberly and Reece
A bunch of them :)
Grandma and Carter
Sadie Ann
Pirate Landon
Aunt Tami and Sadie
The "big" kids Amberly, Landon and Dayton

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maui--for better or worse

Travis and I had an opportunity to go to Maui without the kids and were so excited to have some time together. Unfortunately the trip didn't turn out quite as we had imagined thanks to a little thing I came down with--or should I say broke out with--SHINGLES. One word--OUCH. After our Ragnar race I thought I had a spider bite but it kept getting worse and hurting so we decided to go over to the urgent care and get something for it before we headed to Hawaii. The doctor took one look at it and said, "Uh, that's not a spider bite, you have shingles". WTH. So the doctor gave me lots of medication and assured me as long as I stay covered and dry it was not a problem for me to go to Maui. Great. Sounds fun.
Here I am, very covered and dry on our balcony.
Travis although I'm sure was somewhat bored was great to take care of me and a good sport. I mostly stayed in bed the whole time other than a few brief exits for food and one snorkeling trip where I drugged up and suffered the consequences later.
Here are some pictures of the before mentioned snorkeling trip. It was fun and the turtles were awesome.

Well, I can't say it was the romantic getaway we had planned but we did enjoy being together and a HUGE Thank You to my mom and dad for taking care of the kids while we were gone.

Friday, June 18, 2010

On the Rag-Wasatch Back style!

It all started out one sunny Thursday afternoon in Midway Utah. Twelve members of the M.O.M (Mind over Mileage) running team gathered to head up north for the Wasatch Back Relay.
Team Captain Adrienne bestowed upon each member a shiny new turquoise water bottle with running girl decal and names to match.
Next they headed to Olive Garden to carb load (?) for the race.
Upon leaving the restaurant BFF Stephanie decided to embarass Adrienne or was it herself (?) in a rendition of "O Captain my captain"
Note to self: Be careful what you wish for on fb it may come true :-)

Then it was on to the Van decorating. Below are some pics of the coolest van :-)
(warning: judgements may be biased because this is my blog and I said so)
and it's members

Not to be confused with the Too Cool Van :-)
(kidding.....hee hee)

and it's members.
It was determined that all members of both vans had enough coolness to be on the M.O.M. team

On to the Awards:

Best Diva Picture Award goes to Jarrie
Or is it Natalie?

Best we love each other picture award goes to:

Is it Amber and Jen with the look how cute we are hug?

Or the "We are sisters" of course we should win side hug...
But Amy comes in with the it is super early in the morning and we have been up all night running and I'm still here to meet Carrie hug....
or if you don't like that one how about this one with Tara and the look how cute we are with our white sunglasses hug??

Jen tries a second time for the award pointing out that this isn't a hugging award and I can have the best we love each other picture just by showing concern for my sister. True true.
But alas Adrienne swoops in at the end and steals the show and takes the prize with the "We obviously love each other the mostest" picture with hot husband Travis.
Hey, if you don't like the results of the award please feel free to comment and I'll put them in my round file to address later :)

Okay, now that that's settled let's move on.

Coolest running picture award:

Amy knows she has this one in the bag with her "my feet aren't even on the ground" photo

but Adrienne objects with her but I'm smiling while eating dust on my dirt run
Natalie smiles and notes that she is the only M.O.M member cool enough to run "barefoot" Good point Nat!
Jarrie chimes in with "I should win because I had to run up Avon pass on my 3rd leg in the middle of the bloody hot sun and it was a non support leg! So pick me, pick me!"

Travis jumps on that bandwagon with a "Hey I had to run up Avon pass too which was my last leg and it even slowed me down to a 6:28 pace causing me to only pass 27 people instead of my usual number" and then he added "plus I have a cool sweatband on--Eat your heart out Richard Simmons"
Jen laughs under her breath and says "It's not called the Avon Pass Series you guys it's called Ragnar and that's the hill I'm on :) Remember? And I'm smiling and waving"
The New Yorker says: "I'm from Sea Level and they give me the highest elevation straight up hardest leg, I should definitely win this award for sure!"

But then Amber looks at us and says--"YOU GUYS WERE IN A VAN and I was still too fast for you guys to get a picture of me running so I WIN! End of discussion"
Okay Amber you Win!
Peace out award goes to:

Adrienne submits this: Ummm, too posed=Fail
Susan tries this: Too smiley=Fail
and the winner is........our East Coaster Sara

Biggest Poser Award goes to:

Stephanie throws her 80's gun pose into the mix
Amy tries to strong arm her way to the win
Adrienne tries a too cool pose. Verdict: Fail
Tara gives it a valiant effort and pulls out all the stops with the flag girl

Followed with her own patented strong arm woot woot girls rule pose
but alas, none of the above mentioned were any competition for our very own

very ultimate poser Susan

who out did the entire M.O.M team and perhaps all Wasatch Back runners
put together with her sheer number of poser portraits! We concede the title to you! We are not worthy.
In true sportsmanship Susan comes back with a "Neiner, neiner neiner"

You should receive your awards in the mail shortly but if you don't then it is probably because it was lost in the mail so just know it was the thought that counts.

And thus ends the Adventures of the Mind over Mileage team in their opening debut of the Ragnar Relay Series with the Wasatch Back.

Put your arms down ladies you just ran 188 miles and haven't showered in two days!

This is your captain, over and out.

***Race was followed by lots of food eating and spa relaxing which photos are available to interested parties for a small fee*****