Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Looking Back continued: Disneyworld 2008

In January sometime I was feeling a bit of cabin fever and it wasn't helpful that Travis was traveling a lot for his job. So I was messing around online and came across a great deal for a Disney family vacation. I decided to book it then and there for the week of the kids Spring Break and I'm glad I did.

We decided to keep it a secret from the kids and the day before we left for Florida we sent the kids on a scavenger hunt around our house. Each place had a different clue about what the surprise was. At the end of the scavenger hunt the last clue was about treasure and how X marks the spot. Our backyard was still dirt so Travis had buried a treasure box back there. After searching for a bit the kids found the X and dug up the treasure which was a pair of Disney Crocs. The note inside told them to pack their bags because we were heading to DisneyWorld! The kids were so excited and so were we. The picture above is a picture of us at the airport getting ready to head south to Florida!

We stayed at the Disney Pop Century Resort and before we even made it to our room Landon and Dayton had spent their money in the gift shop. Dayton bought suckers for everyone and Landon bought pirate swords for everyone. Reece was happy with both.

Dayton being eaten by Bruce after going to the Turtle Talk with Crush Show! Totally Awesome Dude!

One of my favorite pics of my boys at the Bugs Life 3D show! Very Stylin' shades. Reece didn't know what to think of the 3D shows at first but loved them after he got use to them. He is such an easy going kid, he will do anything. The bottom right picture is of the boys stopping for a break at the muppet fountain after the muppett vision 3D show. They were trying to get some extra cash out of the fountain! The Jensen's wish on stars, we don't throw money into fountains---what are ya crazy!

One of Reece's favorite rides was Winnie the Pooh. I always made sure he sat with me because I loved seeing his expression when he saw all his 100 Acre Wood friends!

To infinity and beyond! It was Landon and Dayton against Mom, Dad and Reece. Landon and Dayton would win every time just like on the video games at home. (Whatever happened to Mario Brothers and jumping on mushrooms, seriously you need a PhD to play some of these video games)

Look who started it! Dad being funny with the picture on the wall. Ha ha, the crocodile is eating dad's head. So Dayton and Landon tried their own version below. They know how to make a mother proud.

Kali Rapids was a favorite for everybody, well everybody except Reece. Too short to ride but Dad, Landon and Dayton went on it about 10 times. One night we were there late with the Disney "extra magic hours" and they rode it about four times in a row without having to get off. Needless to say they were soaked but happy. This is a picture of Dayton explaining to me about how he was completely covered in water and how it was totally awesome and can we go one more time?

Playing at the hotel pool. I just love this picture of Reece. Water is always fun when your two! One of the souveniour's Reece chose, surprise surprise, a ball.

We have gone to Disneyworld twice since we have been married with children and both times I've been about six months pregnant. Somehow that didn't stop me from being the one to go on the teacup ride with the kids. You owe me Travis! Bigtime!

Thank you Disney! We had a blast as usual! See you Soon!


Laura said...

You have to love Disneyworld! I love the idea of "looking back." I was trying to figure out how I could have a record of the entire year when starting in September. I may have to copy that idea. Great friends have great ideas! Have a great night! Love you! Laura

The Buckingham Family said...

Looks like you had FUN!
I want to go there again...it turns me into a kid again : )

Sarah said...

I love your blog! I hope you don't mind I hopped over from someone elses. Its so good to see your beautiful family and how the kids are growing. Your "little princess" is adorable too. Congratulations! We miss your family.

Sarah Fawcett

Tina said...

Hey I love to read your blog and check how your family is doing. Kids are growing up too fast :(
Speaking of Disney World, we are going in March. Let me know where to go to get some good deals.

Tina Smith

Paige said...

Hey Adrienne! Isn't the blogging world fantastic? I love finding new people:) Your family is so cute. The boys are getting so big. And your littlest angel - how nice to have a little more estrogen in the house!
We moved to Wildgrass at 144th and Sheridan. I feel like we're almost neighbors:) Feel free to browse our blog. It'd be fun to get together sometime, too.

TJ said...

These are great! Good job on putting it together. You are right, I do owe you. I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach just thinking about being pregnant and going on the tea-cups, and I've never been pregnant,I think.... but with four kids, maybe it's possible?