Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reece turns to the big 3!

Our little Reece has reached his 3rd birthday! We celebrated at night after a usual crazy day of basketball games, gym workouts, and necessary errands. Mom, Landon and Reece went to pick up the Pizza for the Big Birthday Blowout while Dayton and Dad set up the party and on the way home guess who fell asleep in the car and was conked out for his own party. It started out a little rough for the guy but once mom let him eat a cupcake before his dinner he was all smiles.

Reece insisted that Dad hold the cupcake tower down for him to blow out the candles because he didn't want to stand on his chair to blow them out.

Oversized coloring book that he had been eyeing on recent Target trips.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Jensen for the Walmart Gift Card. I'm sure he will love choosing something fun.
Trucks, coloring books, and fun play sand from Grandma and Grandpa Honeycutt--thank you!

Big Tonka Dumptruck! I love the forced pizza face smile!
We Love you Reece! Happy Birthday!


TJ said...

Happy birthday big guy!

Katie M. said...

What a cutie. It looks like he had a nice birthday. I think Travis looks more excited about the dump truck. Reece you better hide that thing and watch your back.

Rusty and Tara said...

awwww...that's so sad he fell asleep! I can't believe he's THREE. He is such a little sweetie!

Melinda said...

Wow! Nothing like falling asleep before your b-day party. Cute, cute, cute kids!

Hansen said...

My mom gives the kids Walmart gift cards too, I sure love spending them, oh wait... Anyway, Happy Birthday to a goodlookin boy! So fun to hear you blog about doing all the boy stuff. I have yet to experience sport schedules with Cy. Sounds fun!

Laura said...

Is that a 5K shirt I spied you wearing? Next time, tell me a time and place and I am IN! I need to get back into a good groove! Totally had Reece's bday on the calendar and thought about him at about 10 pm when I looked at my planner. Days late...but Happy Birthday to the boy that gave us both hope again that we could hold another little one in our arms and have the chance to watch them grow so big! Love you always, Laura