Friday, February 13, 2009

Who died and made you Coach?

I've been playing in a basketball league this winter and having a ton of fun. There is one girl on my team who is pretty bossy. Most of the time everyone just ignores her but this last game it came to a head. She kept making little passive aggressive remarks to me about how I was playing and I finally called her out on it. I know in my head I should just SHUT UP but I was raised a Honeycutt and sometimes I can't help it....(that's right, I'm blaming it all on my dad and my genes :) Anyway, we exchanged a few words and the game ended and I was headed out the door. I was already embarrassed that she had been so rude on the court and I just wanted to leave and what does she do??? Tap tap tap on my shoulder...."Can we chat?" she says to me. Great, just what I wanted to do. I know myself well enough that I can't just "chat" that I was more likely to rip her head off but nonetheless I walk over with her and she proceeds to critique me blah blah blah......"Are you kidding me???" is what I am thinking. So being true to my heritage I let her know that this is a rec league, we are grown women, we can manage ourselves, we have different ideas on how to play the game, she shouldn't be so bossy and she should just CHILL OUT already! Several other players came up to me after our little "chat" and told me not to worry about it that she does that to everyone and that she did it to them other days etc. I guess the thing that bummed me out is that I was having so much fun playing basketball, it was a release for me and a way to not worry about all the other stuff going on in the "real world" and she ruined it. I know that there are some people that are going to be negative and downers no matter what and I need to learn to just ignore them but it really sucked. UGGGGG! By the way, in case you are wondering, I am better at basketball then her and I could probably beat her up too....stupid stupid face girl! Oh no you did-ent!!!


Jan said...

You are awesome, Adrienne...I always want to say stuff like that to super annoying people, but am too much of a wimp. I am going to be more like you, chicka!~
Glad you are still playing....that is cool you are on a league. The only sport I can play is goofy golf. But I do like to run still...yes, I am a dork.

Hansen said...

I am all fired up just reading about it! If she's gonna mess with one bean she's gonna get the whole burrito! Didn't you teach me that? Yeah, I got your back, bring it on!

Melinda said...

Aids, you crack me up! I love it! I will come and kick her trash with you. Seriously, some peops need to get a kick in the shin and a major chill pill. Next time use the "we pay the same we play the same" comment on her. But you are right, the worst part is that she makes it not fun. Sorry dude!