Friday, July 24, 2009

Marysvale July 24th Weekend

Even though Sadie was very clingy to mom and dad and didn't like posing for a picture we all had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa Jensen's.  Cousins Braden, Tannice and Brody were there to visit as well.

Marysvale always starts the 24th of July off with a fabulous parade.  The best part about small town parades is that you can get to "main street" about 5 minutes before the parade starts and about 15 minutes later the parade is over and you can go home.  It's my favorite!  Here you have the outhouse float with the dude in the long johns.  He was waving toilet paper at the crowd.  I'm not sure what this float means but it was a crowd favorite.
Here he is showing his better side.
Another awesome thing about small town parades is that they throw out a ton of candy and small toys.  Here little Reece has scored a big plastic dinosaur.  You don't get that from the big city parades.  The kids had a ball.  
After the morning parade mom went home with Reece and Sadie for a little break and Grandpa, dad, Landon and Dayton went to the Marysvale Rodeo to watch the bull riders.  After the actual rodeo with bulls and horses and stuff the town hosts a "Fish Rodeo" for kids.  This is a big attraction for the town and visitors such as ourselves and tons of fun for the kids.  A big rink place gets filled up with about 2 feet of water and then a truck pulling a water tank full of trout drives in and unloads all the fish into the water which then all the kids run around chasing the fish and try to catch them with their hands.  It's awesome. Here you can see the truck pulling in with the tank of fish. 
For some reason there was a rooster there. It didn't really seem out of place but I thought I would photo and document it so you could get a better feel for where we were at.
Dad is helping Reece catch his trout.  I don't think the fish really have a chance because they swim around but once they get to a side everyone traps them against the wall and then it's all over for them.

Landon and Dayton managed to grab a fish without dad's help.
Reece showing his Rodeo prize.
Sadie I have to say was not all that impressed and was wondering what all the fuss was about.
I love small town traditions like this and it's so fun to go and be able to be a part of it.  So fun.

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