Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bragging Blog

Today Landon brought home a paper from school stating that he had scored in the top 5 percent of his grade on the Math CSAP test and when that happens the school likes to do additional testing to see if he qualifies for the Gifted and Talented program they have at the school for that subject. So I was happy about that and was giving him high fives and everything. I didn't want to get him too excited so I told him he isn't in the program they just want to do testing to see if he should be in it and this is what he says to me.
Landon: "I know, I probably will be though since I was last year"
Me: "huh"
Landon: "You know, I probably will be in it again since I was last year"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Landon: "MOM, you know how I was in the Gifted and Talented program last year"
Me: "You were in the Gifted and Talented program for Math last year?"
Landon: "Ya, with Ms. Simms!"
Me: "Oh, I knew you went with a separate group but I didn't know THAT was the Gifted and Talented class"
Landon: "Can I watch TV"
Me: "okay"
Needless to say I don't think my parent's received any papers from school asking permission to do further testing, I think they were happy that I learned to dress myself in the mornings. Good job Landon, you are awesome.


Susan said...


Ryan Carrie Emma Riley Max Brody said...

Yeah Landon:)!

Laura said...

You just HAVE to love Landon! Straight to the point that boy and smarter than smart apparently! I spent the day cleaning my mom's house. I am dirty and tired. I came home to a messy home that could use a good deep clean, and I was met with your comment. Thank you for making my day! What would I do without people like you in my life that help me pull myself back up? Love you, Laura

Hansen said...

that's awesome! i didn't know they still had gifted and talented classes. i mean back when i was in it they called it gt class and the students called us the green terds. just had to brag that i was in it once too, but now you would never know. :) lol!