Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reece turns 4!

Our little Reece man is 4 years old! His birthday was on Sunday so we celebrated with a turtle cake and icecream. Saturday we went bowling as a family for his little party. Since his birthday was on Sunday Reece was super MAD that we had to go to church on his birthday. He just couldn't believe we were making him go. I don't mean a little annoyed I mean MAD. It was sort of funny and disturbing that he was so ticked off about that. He hasn't quite fallen in love with the new big primary and would love to go back to his nursery class.

We love you Reece! Happy Birthday!

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TJ said...

Happy Birthday Reece! Good job planning, scheduling, and making everything special for these little guys. It's just too bad he hadn't met his AZ girlfriend invite to the party!