Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogging??? What??

My little sister Tami came to town and helped me set up my blog. She might has well have been speaking in chinese when she was telling me how to do everything. I use to consider myself pretty good on the old computer/internet but it just hasn't been in the routine for quite some time. I'll give a quick update on my life/family just in case it takes another visit from Tami in order for me to update again.

I married a guy named Travis Jensen back in 98' and since then I have popped out 4 cute kids. Landon is eight years old and in 3rd grade, Dayton is 6 and in 1st grade, Reece is 2 and into everything and Sadie is 2 months old and just in. We live in Erie Colorado which is just north of Denver. We have lived in Colorado for 5 years and are enjoying it here. I stay home with my kids and love being a mom. Travis is a legitimate drug dealer and worked for Pfizer for about 7 years but took a new job with a fairly new company called Actelion which is a biopharmaceutical company. He is a training manager for the company and loves teaching the new and old sales force. Well I'm going to try and post this now and see if I did it right...cross your fingers.


TJ said...

See I knew you could do it! You are so funny. I expect this to be updated frequently. It helps you feel like you aren't so far away!

The Buckingham Family said...

Hi Adrienne!
So glad you are a "blogger"!
I AGREE with the last comment, it has me talking to my family from ALL OVER now.
I am addicted to it. I am learning new fun ways to post almost everyday. My blog address is
Come visit and leave a COMMENT, I miss talking to you.
Your new little girl is BEAUTIFUL!

Susan said...

Welcome to Blogland! OXOXOXO

Hansen said...

Yo Adrienne! I love that you are blogging! Did you see my post looking for you? I was in Las Vegas at dinner when you called me and when I went to call you back, the number wasn't on my call history! So call me back, we need to catch up! Blogs help though. So Jan, Nat, me & you need to get together over the holidays, when are you going to be coming into town. It's been way to long, but you still look smokin hot! Your kids are cute, and so is Travis. :)

Laura said...

Hey you! I just nursed Annie in the nursery and thought I would check email! Look at you little blogger. This is my new addition. It is so easy, and a great way to get all the great things with the kids down. I plan on posting Annie's picture and info tomorrow. My blog is not as set up as yours, but I am working on it. We are at

Have a great day!

Rusty and Tara said...

Welcome to the blogging world! You are going to love it. Sadie looked so beautiful in her sweet little blessing dress on Sunday.

TJ said...

Wow! My little wife has moved into the 21rst Century. I am sooo proud. Great Job! :-)