Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm a Big Girl! 1 Year Old!

My beautiful baby girl Sadie Ann is 1 year old!  We love you Sadie, you are our princess even if you don't like your princess hat.
Most babies tear into their 1st birthday cake but little Sadie just took one little bite at a time, it was very cute and definitely different from her older brother's 1st Birthday's.
Sadie had a little help from her big brothers opening her gifts.

Things I love about Sadie Ann.
She is my girl.  She is a very serious baby.  She loves to wear her little bracelets and if she isn't wearing one she will find something that will work as a bracelet and put it on her wrist herself.  Sadie loves to give her momma and dadda kisses and will usually go back and forth between the two of us giving kisses.  Every now and then a brother might get a kiss.  Sadie is a very careful baby.  She takes her time to figure things out and takes her time eating, walking, trying out a toy.  It's very different from our other kiddos.  We love you Sadie and are so very happy to have our own little princess in our family.  Happy Birthday!


Kenn and Natalie said...

Oh she is so PRETTY! She is one already!!

Melinda said...

So sweet! And I LOVE any baby that loves jewelry.