Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dayton's Birthday 8 Years old!

We celebrated bright and early in the morning with smoothies and cupcakes for Dayton's Birthday.In our home 8 years old is a magical birthday. That is the magical age that you get your first BB and pellet gun. I found this out a few years ago from Travis when Landon got his. Apparently it's not til the age of 12 you get your first "real" rifle. (Help me!) Anyway, Dayton was super excited and we made the trip to Cabela's and spent THREE LONG HOURS there and he finally settled on the one you see in the picture. I'm pretty sure we would still be there if a certain mom didn't threaten all the lives of those in her family if they don't get the heck out of there!

My boys aren't into toys too much anymore, they like stuff like flashlights, compasses, survival stuff and of course the normal football and sports stuff. Dayton got some of each from his siblings. Grandma's and Grandpa's went the smart route and sent cold hard cash for Dayton. A gift all Jensen's love no matter what age. Happy Birthday Dayton. We love you!

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