Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 Months Later.....

It's been Six months since we moved from Colorado to Phoenix so I thought I would jot down some thoughts and maybe check back again in six months to see if anything has changed.

* It doesn't seem "real" that we are living here yet, it seems like a long trip.
* I miss my church in Erie. Our church here has a lot of nice people but I feel somewhat of a disconnect still.  Today the ward was split and I'm hoping this will help to have a smaller ward.  We live next to HUGE churches with congregations of over 30,000 people.  How the heck would their leader meet their needs?  It seems nuts to me.
* Landon and Dayton were more of the "bigger fish in smaller pond in Colorado whereas now they are the smaller fish in a big pond" They are fitting in well and have made some friends but still need more.  Reece has thrived in the preschool here and has a best buddy next door.
* Football here is nuts compared to Colorado and I thought Colorado football was nuts.  We LOVE it here though. Actually there are tons more sports programs and lots of options to choose from. Most things also go year round.
* I've become more of a recluse here.  It's been 6 months and haven't had one party yet? WHAT!  I keep telling myself to have people over but then I don't.
* Love the Elementary school here.  Good programs but keeps the kids super busy. Landon is in the Gifted and Talented program here like he was in Colorado but is finding it more challenging here.  The teacher hands out a lot more homework and I think expects a lot more. Dayton especially is thriving a lot more here than in Erie and has an excellent teacher this year-YAY!
* Preschool is more expensive, along with speeding tickets, car insurance and ELECTRICITY!
*I love having more stores, entertainment, church, and school close by.  BUT I need to stop eating out so much cause I'm getting fat  :)  It is too convenient.
* Monsoon's are awesome and apparently it's been a mild season.
*It's hot in the summer (duh) but it's bearable.  Everyone just goes out of town in the summer.  I can do that.
* I loved my Colorado house more but I love my Phoenix backyard more.
* Travis travels a little less here but still quite a bit. At least he gets paid more :)
*As my kids get a little older I find myself wondering about what I want to be when I grow up.  I don't think I'll be satisfied being at home by myself when they are in school all day.  I'm starting to look at different options.
*Starting a running blog has been fun to connect with others who share that interest and to read about their triumphs and challenges.
* My kids will have a lot of opportunities here. Excellent schools, excellent music teachers, excellent extra curricular activities and a lot of kids and families around that share our values.
* We will live less than 5 miles from a new Temple! Our church building is next door.  Huge blessing.
* I miss my friends in Erie and Parker a lot.  I had a lot of friends, especially in Erie, who shared my same passions and I haven't found those here yet---but I will!

After moving as much as I have I know things just take time but I'm not very patient.  I know I have to put myself out there and make it happen but sometimes wouldn't it be nice if it just showed up on my doorstep?

Not such a huge exciting post.  More for my benefit than anyone else's, but thanks for following along.


Kristin said...

I miss you! But I'm glad you are finding lots of the good about Arizona. The parties have definitely dwindled since your departure, but even if they hadn't, I don't have anyone like you to force me to come =)

Alli grins said...

I'm still feeling a little in limbo too, but we've been in CO for just over a year and I still miss AZ. I told my Mom last year that "I'd bloom WHEN I'm planted" and I'm still waiting for that to happen:-) I want to thank you for being so good to me when I really needed a friend. It was a tough time for me when you & I met and I was so grateful for your friendship. Last week I came across 2 camping and road trip books for AZ that I'd love to send to you, if you'll e-mail me your address. We used them a lot and I thought you might too. Doubt we'll ever get to use them again.

I've loved getting to know your friend Paige! I am so grateful for a good ward and we both know what a difference it can make! I hope you continue to adjust and learn to love it there. Thinking of you...

Kimberlee said...

ok, so whens the party...pick a date. I throw an annual Christmas Party, so put that on your calander. I adore you. I know moving is hard. I want to be a "good" friend. even if I called you Andrea!!Glad you came to book club! Seriously whens the party...I'll help?

Laura said...

I miss you! I have lived in
Parker for 7 years and actually feel like I have less friends now than I did in 2003. Life changes. I am trying to decide who I am, what really matters and then go after that! Thank you for always being that friend who inspires everyone around you to be better and do more! Have a great one! ~Laura

Carrie said...

I'm glad you have such good things to say for AZ. We sure miss you here! but one day I bet you wake up and realize that somehow you are in your groove! And 5 miles from a temple beats anything I can think of in CO!!!!

Tara said...

Wow--I can't believe it's been 6 months. I loved this post. I think you'll look back one day and be so glad you wrote it.