Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Honeycutt Visit and San Diego

Last week Travis held a Christmas Party for his team in San Diego so mom and dad hopped on a plane to California while Grandma and Grandpa Honeycutt held down the fort with the kids in Arizona.
Reece had his preschool Christmas party and Grandma and Grandpa helped out in the classroom.  Nineteen 4 year olds building gingerbread houses--Mrs. Hylton is one brave teacher!  The kids had a blast.
 A little soccer playing
Pillow fighting
My parents flew in Monday afternoon so after Family Home Evening Monday night we made Santa Hats.  You take a sugar cone and dip it in melted red chocolate and turn it upside down on to a scoop of ice cream.  Add a little whipped cream and there you have it.  

Meanwhile in San Diego while Travis was busy working I was busy doing a whole lot of nothing.  I didn't really feel up to shopping or too much sightseeing but enjoyed relaxing in the hotel reading and was able to go for a run outside as well.  It was a nice short getaway.
Travis had a dinner for the district one night and it was fun to meet everyone and put some faces to some names.

We did manage to sneak in one sightseeing expedition to the USS Midway which was really cool.

Funny how I was only away from the kids for a few days but I was ready to get back home.  I think that I also was wanting to visit with my parents more since they were in Arizona without me.  They flew in Monday, Travis and I flew to Cali Tuesday-home Thursday and parents flew back to Utah Saturday so it all went really fast.  On Friday we were all together and went to dinner and see some Christmas lights and I really enjoyed having my parents here.  It's always fun to see them come and hard to let them go back home. 


Laura said...

You get prettier every time I read your blog! Our computer has been broken for months, so I haven't seen anyone's lives in blog land! I love the family pictures hanging on the wall. They turned out BEAUTIFUL! I know you have a big race coming up, so have fun training. So jealous! Maybe I will fly down for one next year. Have a great one! ~Laura

travis.jensen said...

Loved having you with me! It was great to introduce you to everyone......I agree with the prettier and prettier comment!