Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to Look a lot like Christmas......

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year.  It comes and goes too quickly.  
Here we are trimming the tree but the tree topper doesn't fit on top of the tree in our new home.  Oops.  
Mom is the official ornament hander outer.  And everyone helps decorate the tree.  I'm definitely not one of those moms that has to do it all myself to make it look all perfect.  If there are 15 ornaments on the same branch and the kids are happy then that is okay by me.

Ornaments are super special in our family.  Every year the kids get to pick their own new ornament and whenever we go on vacation we always try to find christmas ornaments of the place we are visiting and then that way when we pull out all our christmas stuff we can also remember the fun things we did on different vacations.
 Reece found his "My First Christmas Ornament" and is excited to find a special place for it.
 Here is Landon with his Mickey mouse ears ornament he picked from our 2008 Walt Disney World Trip.  It is a oversized locket and very cool.
 Reece found a monkey surfing on our 2009 Oahu, Hawaii trip

Here is Dayton's Walt Disney World ornament that he decided to put his name on.  (At the time I got upset about that)  Now every year when we pull out this ornament everyone says.  "Oh, Dayton here is your ornament, remember how you put your name on it and mom got so upset about that."  Ya, kids never forget.
A new one to the tree this year from our Spring Break Sedona trip
Homemade ornaments are also some of my favorites
Here is a rudolph snowman/reindeer one that Reece made just yesterday.
Dayton's version of a snowman
Mom and Dad's Maui Hawaii trip turtle ornament 2010
Every mom loves picture ornaments.  Here is Dayton as a baby.
Sadie's pick from Oahu 2009 (okay she was only 1 year old but mom was sure she would love this one)

I've always loved the idea of Advent calendars but haven't ever found one that I loved so I decided to make my own.  
I made it with envelopes with days of the month on the outside, inside is an activity that we can do as a family to countdown until christmas.  There is also a silver snowflake ornament that as we countdown we can put a new ornament on the tree.
Reece's homemade paper chain necklace for the little tree
Dayton's version of the appropriate tree topper

Stockings are hung by the chimney with care..

We are ready for Christmas.......


Natalie said...

It has been TOO long! I am so out of touch with the blog world now I didnt even know you had moved! Your new house in AZ is gorgeous and you seem so happy :)
I got your card today and was excited to hear from you.
Your family is ADORABLE!

Quinton J said...

Love it. Funny...we are now looking for a taller tree to get closer to our new ceiling.

The vibe here is you just need to dash on that Kenny & Dolly CD and you're good.

Tara said...

I'm with you--the tree is for the kids! Some of my favorite memories are getting out all the special ornaments and remembering where they came from. Love it!