Friday, November 7, 2008

Date Day with Reece at the Children's Museum

Reece, Sadie and I had a day date together at the Children's Museum in Denver. It is super fun for toddlers and younger children. If your in the Denver area and have toddlers I would recommend going if you haven't already. It was about $15 dollars for both Reece and myself and Sadie was free. They have a little cafeteria but I will pack a lunch next time because it's a rip off-- $2.50 for 1/2 a pb & J? Lamo! Here are some things we did.
They have a miniature basketball court complete with jerseys. Reece being a sport nut loved it.
In one area of the museum they have these miniature houses with all the miniature stuff to go along with it. This is in the "house" where kids can "play house" and put dolls in this little bed. I couldn't help myself, I put Sadie in the bed and took a picture. There was a little girl there that was really annoyed that I moved her doll. (Too bad kid, this is a photo op) I quickly put her doll back and restored order when I was done.

Reece thought I needed a picture of him in the bed too. (Yes, the little girl was annoyed by this as well, I told her "we need to share" I guess that's better than pushing her out of the way right? Ha ha, totally kidding...a little)

Here is Reecer dressed up as a bunny exploring the underground animal exhibit. Kids could dress up as bunnies, a mouse, a worm, and a few other animals that head underground.

Next was a trip to the grocery store. The plastic fruit doesn't taste that good. (I wonder how many kids have done what Reece is doing--can we say germarrific?)

Picasso at work!

Reece hopping on the giant foot in the Lily Pad area!

One boppy wasn't enough to help Sadie sit up so we used two. I have to comment on her neighbor Michelle made about 10 hats for Sadie, all different sizes and designs...she is so nice!

I think Reece's favorite part of the museum is the full sized fire engine that they can climb in and push buttons to turn on the lights and pretend to drive and rescue people. He was so excited when he saw this he started running around saying "I need my hat, I need my hat" and ran right by the hats about 4 times til I finally grabbed him and helped him get his fire hat and jacket on. He had a blast. We spent about 4 HOURS there, which any mom with a toddler knows is a super long time. It was great and I need to do things like that for him more often.


TJ said...

So cute. you are a good mom, I wish I had more time and energy to do fun things like that with my kdis...

Hansen said...

That place looks awesome! And I know I keep saying this, but Sadie is so beautiful!

Laura said...

You are seriously the funniest mom I know. Is funniest even a word? I believe that is the most funny! Love the Children's Museum. Great photos and great fun! Loved seeing you on Saturday! You are really getting good at this blog thing! Love you, Laura

Rogerson's said...

LOVE the hats!!! So cute!