Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ra Ra ra ra ra Ra Ra ra ra ra Gooooo Cougars!

Our family was fortunate to be some of the recipients of "free tickets" to the BYU/CSU game. Our good friends Bishop Mike Alletto and Ann have a son who is a lineman for the Cougars and he was able to get us some great seats to the Saturday game out here in Colorado. It was so fun to watch the Cougars play and WIN! We were on row six in the BYU section and you could see everything. I remember thinking...Wow those college kids seem so young (a true sign that I am getting old). I remember when Nick was leaving for his mission and now he is a married man playing ball for the Y. His younger brother Terry use to babysit for us when we lived in Parker. The boys loved him because he would wrestle and play pass and all that stuff. He is now a senior in highschool and will be heading to the Y to join his two older brothers on the football team, Nick and Dan who will return from his mission in time for the fall season. The Alletto's also have two daughters at BYU Jean and Amy. Amy has played Basketball for the Y the last couple of years but will be leaving on her mission to the Ukraine in January! What an amazing family! As a mom with young children I look to families in the different wards we have been in for "advice" of things that have or haven't worked for them. The Alletto's have been and still are great friends and we miss seeing them on a daily was so fun to visit! Thanks Ann!

Ann, Adrienne and Sadie in her "bear jacket". Sadie was a little freaked out by the noise at first but she settled down and was great.
Travis and Reece

Dayton celebrating after the Cougs pulled it out at the last minute (literally)!

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Kenn and Natalie said...

Hey, my husband and 3 boys were there too! They sat behind the goal posts, kinda in the background of the picture of your husband. I looked for my boys in the picture, but couldn't see them! haha