Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Hot Stuff!

Well, it is true that the love of my life has added another year and is now the magical age of 33! In honor of this, I dedicate this blog to you Travis with 33 things about Travis

1. Travis is my best friend

2. Travis is a writer and a poet.

3. Travis is a proud lifetime member of the NRA

4. Works harder than anyone I've ever known

5. Loves sushi

6. Great snow skiier

7. Helps others to be better people

8. Compassionate

9. Loves the outdoors, hiking, fishing, hunting

10. Selfless, always giving to his family

11. Still makes me laugh after more than 10 years

12. Always tries to kiss me when I'm yawning which drives me crazy!

13. My greatest defender

14. Master plumber

15. Appreciates good literature

16. Likes scary movies

17. Positive person (one of those "cup half full" people)

18. Determined and motivated to achieve his goals

19. Supportive of all I choose to undertake or choose to not undertake

20. Travis loves being active with his family rather than wathing TV

21. Electronics whizz, taking care of all my ipod, cell phone, and computer needs

22. Likes to Mountain biking

23. Travis likes to torture me with weird facial hair (when he is shaving, sometimes he keeps a ugly mustache for a few hours or some other weird looking thing on his face and I hate it!, Eventually he will shave it before going out in public.)

24. A great father, tells his kids stories every night before bed whether he is traveling or home

25. He is a runner and often takes the kids with him. They ride their bikes and he runs.

26. He can do more pull-ups than any hot shot at the gym

27. He honors his priesthood and uses it to bless our family and others

28. Makes slingshots for the boys and carries one himself when were out walking...he can hit anything with it

29. Travis can fix everything. Whenever something breaks the kids say "Dad will fix it"

30. Travis also teaches his kids how to fix everything so when he is gone, Landon and Dayton take care of stuff.

31. The boys love that he plays and teaches them sports

32. Travis is the best primary teacher (Landon submitted this one :)

33. Most of all, Travis is loved very much by his family and we couldn't live without you!

Happy Birthday!


TJ said...

Sounds like a pretty good guy! Glad he is in our family, he definitely helps liven up the bunch!

TJ said...

I still liked the stache. I just should have thrown some chops into the mix. Thanks Ade. Love ya.

Jan said...

Your hubby sounds like a total stud...but then only the best for "KICK BUTT HONEYCUTT!" Someday we have got to meet up!

Hollie said...

Love this post! I'm sad we played phone tag all weekend! I know it is probably hard for you to try to hit everyone that wants to see you when you come into town. I was able to spend some time with Natalie and Erin when they were here. Hey, maybe Christmas? Are you gonna be here? Anyway, the part about Travis shaving funky staches and stuff made me laugh, cause Casey does that too, but he WILL go out in public looking crazy. Doh!

Aaron and Reina said...

Hi Adrienne, just letting you know I made it on over here! Thanks for the invite and I'll be reading!

Laura said...

I started to cry when I was reading this list. Life has an interesting way of letting our trials make us love the ones we are sealed to more than we could ever imagine! John does the crazy shave thing too! Too funny! I miss you! Love, Laura

mom said...

Amazing, I am now in the blog world although I don't want to do my own just read everyone elses. My life is not exciting enough.