Friday, October 31, 2008

Sugar me up Baby!

This year we spent Halloween night with some friends. Joanna and Dave Toy had our family and John and Angela Lampros family over for dinner before we hit the streets. Here is the group "kid shot" of all the trick or treaters. I love how all the boys are dressed up as something scary or dangerous. Here is the rundown: 2 Ninja's-Landon and Levi, Batman-Dayton, Dorothy-Sophia, Witch-Olivia, Gymnast-Kenayde, Dracula-Nathaniel, Power Ranger-Reece, and Jude as Rocky!---YO ADRIENNE (I heard that a lot growing up!)

My sister JeriLynn put together this cute little butterfly outfit for Sadie. I don't know if it was meant for Halloween or just one of those cute baby things but that's what Sadie wore for the night. Lovin' it, not even hatin' it.

The kids dined outside around the firepit.

After dinner we took to the streets and this is what we ended up with!


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Hansen said...

Freakin Cute! lovin it not even hatin it!