Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Day of School!

Well, we almost missed the bus for the first day of school so we were off to a good start. It wasn't a "tear filled" day for mom as it has been in past years. I think tears are for kindie 1st days but not so much for 2nd and 4th grade 1st days. Landon and Dayton were excited to go so I was excited for them. Reece was sad he couldn't get on the bus but adjusted after playing a bit at the park. Here are some 1st day pictures.


Hansen said...

Handsome boys! Are you getting back into the old routine again? I'm hoping I can find time to update the month of August on my blog! :)

TJ said...

So what's up with your camera? Is the blue effect so that they look like Dad's old pics! ha ha, just teasing.