Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween or Bust! Or a Busted Halloween?

So this Halloween I was completely on top of everything! Oh wait.....I mean I was so not on top of anything! The week started out with Travis being in California for the week. We were expecting Grandma and Grandpa Jensen to come for the Halloween weekend but Wednesday and Thursday of the week the Heaven's opened and decided to pour out loads of snow onto us. The good news is the kids got one snow day out of it where they didn't have to go to school and the really good news is that the kids only had one day instead of two like other neighboring schools. :) By Friday the snow had cleared and the kids were happy to go to school and have their school Halloween parties. I was able to share a halloween story with Landon's class for his party and the "good" moms had some fun games and treats for the kids. Unfortunately because of the snow Grandma and Grandpa Jensen were not able to make the trip from Utah and so we celebrated Halloween without them. Friday night we went to the ward trunk or treat and the kids got plenty of candy. Saturday we were planning to go pick pumpkins from the pumpkin patch but since they were covered in snow we checked the stores instead.....Guess what--no pumpkins. We had two pumpkins from our garden so Landon and Dayton quickly laid claim to those and poor Reece got stuck carving an apple---ha ha, he was just as happy though. Saturday night Travis took the boys up to the Vista Ridge neighborhood and they went trick or treating with the boys friends the Simpson's. Sadie and I were on candy patrol at home and Sadie had fun waving at all the ghosts and goblins that came to our door--even with the sceeerie apple out front. The kids were worn out and went right to sleep. And no I didn't get ANY pictures of the kids in their costumes. (What kind of mother am I?) Landon was a scary skeleton guy, Dayton was a football player, Reece was Winnie the Pooh, and Sadie was Little Red Riding Hood. The best part of Halloween night?? The fact that I didn't have to do sharing time or conduct the next day! Yahoo! Is this post too real world? (and on Sunday morning we forgot it was Daylight Savings and we arrived at church an hour early....duh)


Susan said...

If Reece still wants to carve, we've got 2 he can have. Fred and I didn't get around to carving ours - just the kids did.
And, I have no intention of doing anything with the uncarved pumpkins (so if you want to can them, or something... he, he, he).

Real world posts are the best!

Burke and JeriLynn Phillips Family said...

What kind of mom are you? AN AWESOME one who is to busy loving and playing with her kids and spends less time worrying about capturing the moments on camera and more about capturing them in your heart! Oh wasn't that sweet now :)

You know I love ya