Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

Any teenage girl (or young hip mom) will tell you that Stephanie Meyer's Twilight books and movie premiers are worth losing a bit of sleep over. I hosted a pre-movie New Moon party for some of my favorite ladies and we had a ball and then headed to the midnight movie! We had trivia games and lots of yummy food. Although Team Jacob kicked Team Edward's butt (even with all my subtle and not so subtle hints) in Family Feud we all know who gets the girl in the end so I guess it was okay.
Scary/Funny/Goofy face picture
Susan Yates and I made "Team Edward" shirts!
My friend Jarrie with her daughter Paige worshipping the same wolf what's his name?

I have the cutest friends don't I?


Susan said...

Best party, ever! You are definitely the hostess with the mostess! :o) I can't wait to go see the movie again - hopefully this week with my niece (She's 14 and acting like she's too cool to go out of her way to see it, but I'm gonna drag her anyway)!

Laura said...

Hello party girl! I cannot believe how many people you hosted this little shin-dig for! You rock! Hope you loved the movie as well! Have a great week! ~Laura

Hansen said...

I wish I could've come. Oh wait, I wasn't invited. Poor poor me.