Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner with the Yates

We were lucky enough to be invited to a prime rib Christmas Eve dinner by some of our bestest friends Fred and Susan Yates. I love it when you find a friend who is more like a sister and better when your husband likes her husband! We love hanging out with the Yates and as our impending move to AZ gets closer and closer I'll take all the opportunities I can.
Here is a classy picture of Susan, such the host! Love it.
Sadie and Megan
Travis and Fred get along great and often play basketball together. Trav loves it when they are on the same team but always wants a back rub when he has to play against Fred. Apparently he has to use more energy since Fred is so Tough!
I'll finish cooking right after some bubbly! (Apple cider of course!)

Sorry about the closed eyes Susan. I love how excited Landon looks to be getting some asparagus. The food was delicious! So much that I think we will be starting the prime rib Christmas Eve tradition. (So I'll be calling, emailing, facebooking for the recipe)
I'll I had to do was bring dessert--cheesecake. Which sadly was store bought but that's just the kind of day, week, month it's been for me.
It was a wonderful night. Thanks for having us!

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Susan said...

We're so glad you guys could come! You got some great pictures - will you email them to me? I only got one table shot.