Thursday, December 10, 2009

Landon and Dayton's Christmas piano recital 2009
Here they are with their teacher Zach. He is a great teacher and the boys enjoy piano and never complain. Dayton has only been playing for a few months but is a natural, very nice surprise. Landon being the perfectionist he is does well too although at the old age of 9 years old he has quite a demanding schedule and piano practice sometimes fall to the wayside. Still they are both learning and improving and ENJOY it which is what mom is happy about. It's fun to have music in our home since Travis and myself are not musically inclined.


Susan said...

Dang, your boys are handsome! We are definitely gonna have to stay in touch so that when my girls come of age, there may be some "arranging." :o)

Hansen said...

Your kids do it all don't they? I love the picture of Landon and Dayton in their sweaters. They look so grown up and handsome! :) Sorry Susan, but my girls might be competing for the same boys. :)