Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dayton's Special Day

July 3rd was a very special day for our family. Dayton was baptized in Utah with family and friends there to celebrate. It was nice to have most of my siblings there with their families to support us and Travis's Aunts came as well. My good friend Molly Cherrington also came to support Dayton. Something wonderful about seeing your husband and child all in white. Landon was able to give the opening prayer, all of Dayton's cousins sang a special musical number and Grandpa Honeycutt gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. We love you Dayton and are pleased with your decision to be baptized.
Handsome guys
Our little family. Proud moment for mom and dad.
Dayton with Grandma and Grandpa Honeycutt
Mom and Dad gave Dayton his first set of scriptures for his baptism. Study and learn from them son. Grandma and Grandpa Honeycutt gave Dayton a baptism journal to help him remember this day.
Aunt Kathy, Aunt Dawn, Aunt Heidi and daughter Brooklyn (not pictured Aunt Mignon "Boo") all came to support Dayton and their oldest nephew Travis. I am closer to these women than my own Aunts and appreciate their support of our little family. I know it isn't easy as they are all very busy with their own children and grandchildren. Thanks for coming.
Sunday after Dayton was baptized Aunt Tami and Uncle Chris blessed their 3rd son Shay and we took a impromptu Honeycutt family photo. All kids and grandkids are here. First time in how long? It's a miracle. It was great to be together. I love my family so much. Living away from family you learn to appreciate them so much. Having almost everyone at Dayton's baptism was so great. Uncle Kevin is a river guide and was in the Grand Canyon Saturday during Dayton's baptism but was able to make it back for the blessing.
All the grandkids of Ken and LeeAnn Honeycutt
**Side note: The Day before Dayton's baptism I went to my suitcase to get the paper that I had from my Bishop in Arizona to allow Dayton and Travis permission to get baptized in Utah. I had placed it in the front pocket for safe keeping. Well it wasn't there. Panicking I searched everything but it wasn't anywhere. After several phone calls between the presiding Bishop and my Bishop in Arizona everything "was approved" and it was fine. I mention this because when I got my suitcase off the luggage carousel after returning from Hawaii I noticed the front pocket was open and I had a thought to look for the paper and make sure it was there. I ignored the thought as I just wanted to get back to my parents and see my kids. I don't know what happened but I'm guessing I ignored a prompting from the HG and if I would have listened perhaps I would have avoided the missing form hassle. Live and learn. Thought I would document so I can remember to listen even if it seems like a small thing.


Tara said...

Yay Dayton! You are so handsome! What a special day.

travis.jensen said...

You go D!