Monday, July 5, 2010

"No kids under Eight allowed on the Dam tour!"

On our way back to Arizona from Utah we decided to go the Vegas route. We stopped at the Hoover Dam and showed the kids. (Actually what happened is I was telling Travis not to stop because I am terrified of heights and it was freaking me out. He stopped anyway and said "Fine you sit here" and took the kids to show them. I was terrified but forced myself to follow after him because otherwise it was certain that one of my kids would plunge to certain death from the wall without me there) It is hard to see how freaky it is in the pictures so just take my word for it. The bridge in the background is HUMONGOUS! They built a new highway to acommodate traffic and my guess is to reduce security issues of people driving across the Dam.

Well since we were there I said we might as well do the tour. We rode the escalator down to the tour start and guess what? There was a sign that said "No Kids under Eight on the Dam Tour"--I wish I would have taken a picture of that because it was funny. So guess what we all repeated over and over because we find humor in saying the word Dam a lot. Landon and Dayton came up with varying saying such as "Well, I don't want to go on the Dam tour anyway" and "Dam tours are for losers". Here is a picture of us leaving the Dam tour area via the Dam escalator. Okay I'm done :)
(P.S.--The Dam tour is $30 per person!? Rip off)
We settled for some nachos and the boys showed how tough they were by placing a jalepeno on each one. Then we headed back to the car. The End.

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travis.jensen said...

I'm gald that you decided to participate in our Dam experience!