Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poor Jasper

While we were in Utah for vacation for three weeks we were not able to bring Jasper so we scouted out some boarding places and boarded him. I called every few days and was always told he was doing just fine but of course, how can you ever really know? Well about 4 days before we were suppose to be going back to Arizona we get a call from the Boarding place that they found blood in Jasper's stool and that he was looking really lethargic. Keep in mind he is in Arizona where it is 115 degrees out. The place was an indoor/outdoor kennel but we were worried. We told them to take him to the vet and long story short, after running lots of blood tests, x-rays, etc. everything came back normal but the vet said he was very dehydrated and wasn't acting like a puppy. She gave him an IV and he immediately started getting better. I know the kennel had water available at all times for the animals so I don't know why he would be dehydrated but he was. We were happy to get back to Arizona and get Jasper back in our care. Travis took this picture of me allowing Jasper to ride home from the kennel on my lap (he is 75 lbs). And I've forgiven him of the carpet eating incident. Total cost for boarding and vet for our 3 week vacation- $1300. This dog is more spoiled than my kids. What can you do.

Here he is when we first got him. Eight weeks old.
My protector on my night runs. Glad you are feeling better buddy.


Paige said...

Glad it turned out ok. I was worried for a second your post was going to have a tragic ending.

travis.jensen said...

It's good to see that "woman's best friend" is back in action, especially for those night runs.

Christina said...

what a sweet dog