Monday, August 30, 2010

Landon and Dayton's new piano teacher!

Today Landon and Dayton had their first piano lesson with none other than William-Joseph.  Seriously?!  How cool is that.  Of course I made a grand impression seeing as I was only 20 minutes late since I COULD NOT find his house even though I allotted plenty of time.  True to form, what can I say, I'm a loser.   Hopefully the boys will be back on the piano playing bandwagon in no time.  Someday I will treat myself to my own piano lessons but for now I must live vicariously through my children.

Check out William's skills-- I never get tired of hearing him play.  So fortunate to have him in our area and to teach the boys.  Super talented.

"Asturias" by William Joseph on Dr. Phil


Katie M. said...

When I read your blog, I kind of feel like I know someone realy famous or important!

travis.jensen said...

I wonder what he thought when I overheard him at church saying he played the piano and I said, "I've played chop-stix a time or two myself." I guess not quite the same caliber?

TJ said...