Saturday, August 28, 2010

Drive In Movie!

I thought it would either be a total nightmare or fun to take the kids to a drive in movie and we lucked out by having it be the latter.  You never know how things like this will go.  They kept asking what was going on and why are we in the car.  Last time I went to a drive in was when I was in high school so it had been a while for me too.
Reece suckered me into buying a glowstick necklace thing they were selling during the movie.  They drove around in a golf cart yelling what they were saying.....uh tryin to watch a movie here.  It was very high class.
We say Nanny McPhee which I wasn't too excited about but actually turned out to be cute followed by Toy Story 3 which was cute too.  The kids were wasted as we headed home at midnight.  I'm not sure why Dayton fell asleep upside on the chair like this but I stopped asking myself why Dayton does a lot of things a long time ago.  

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