Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Back to School Time!!

Hee hee hee.  I love this video!

What it takes to send a preschool, 3rd grader and 5th grader off to another year!

Reece was excited his supply list included feathers and pom poms.

Landon not so much since his list had 8 spiral notebooks and 2 reams of "wide ruled" lined paper.

Look what I made last week .....

I framed these cute photos of my babes and placed a little hook under each one so that they will have a place for their backpacks and school stuff.

For today it is holding all their supplies.  Tomorrow-homework, art projects and library books. It's an attempt to stay "on top" of all their stuff.

Reece was really excited to show his luggage tag? in his Preschool Back to School Photo.  Okay buddy, whatever makes you happy!
Here Reecer man is showing his back to school supplies!
His bags were so heavy he could barely lift them.
Dayton chose the sporty look for his 1st day of 3rd Grade
Strong arming his school supplies!

Posing for back to school pictures is old news for Landon since he will be a "upper classmen" going into the 5th grade today!
Not even breaking a sweat with all those notebooks.
One final "group" shot before we pile in the car.
Mom was informed by 3rd grader and 5th grader that NO PICTURE taking would be allowed at their school so I'll move on to the preschooler who doesn't know better yet.  
I'm excited for Reece and he is excited to be "big enough" for school.  He had a great 1st day of Pre-K! Look there is his name on the door!  Welcome Reece!
Who wouldn't want to go to preschool again?  Look how fun!
Well mom and dad were sad to see them all go back to school but we know we have to cut the cord sometime :)
Sadie is thinking "I can't believe my brother's left me with these crazies"
It wasn't long before dad was back to doing this...
And mom and Sadie went and did this with the other mom's that were sad to see their kids head back to school.

Sadie and her girlfriends still a bit in shock of what all this means.  Hopefully everyone had a great back to school day AND has a Fabulous year!


Paige said...

I love the pictures of the kids and their school hooks! Great idea of showing off the cuties and keeping orderly. Good luck with the rest of the first week!
P.S. I did the Hard Core workout thing and I think I did pretty well. This was after over an hour at the gym working out every other part of my body. I'll let you know if I'm still feeling so proud tomorrow:)

Laura said...

I may just have to have your permission to include your hook idea in my back-to-school organization post! You rock as usual! I just spent the last hour reading your running blog! Bravo! It is amazing! It makes me want to really get into running again. It has been awhile! Love the picture with the shutters in the background. I would love to see all your finished rooms sometime. Maybe between your blog, running and playing with Sadie you can send me some pics. I need some home inspiration right now! Miss you! Talk tomorrow! ~Laura

Carrie said...

yeah for back to school! I love your hook idea - so cute:)

Quinton J said... you have some super cute kids. Also, I like how your husband styles his hair.