Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Most of you that follow my family blog know that my husband travels often for his job.  Like every week.  He is usually gone during the middle of the week, Tuesday-Thursday.  I usually have two parts of my day.  The part where the older kids are at school and I'm home with the two little ones and the part when the older kids get home from school.  Well today I want to talk about the 2nd part of my day, specifically Wednesday. Anyway Travis happened to be home this Wednesday and at 3:30 he said the FUNNIEST thing.

To quote he said: "So we don't have anything tonight do we?"


My reply:
"As soon as kids get home in 10 minutes we need to get on homework"
I continue: "From 4:30-5:30 I will be taking Dayton to scouts and helping the scout leader with their activity"
"At 5:30-6:30 you need to take Reece to soccer practice and you'll need to take Sadie with you."
"When I get back from Dayton scouts at 5:45 I'll pick up Landon and take him to his scout meeting that's from 6pm-7pm, but you'll have to pick him up at 7pm because I have a meeting at the church that is at 6:30-7pm so I won't be back in time.  Oh ya, you will also need to grab Seth (friend) while you are getting Landon and just bring him to our house and his mom will pick him up at our house because she won't be able to be here until about 7:15"
He inserts:
"When do we eat?"
I reply:
"We will eat at when I get home from my meeting, around 7:30 and then I'll start on homework and you can get ready for your church meeting that is at 8:30 and I'll get the kids in bed."
His reply:
"I just remembered I need to go out of town suddenly"
My reply:
"(laughing) Ya! welcome to my life"

10 minutes are up, kids are home from school, ---Ready Go!

What actually happened.

Everything that I was suppose to do went off without a hitch.

Dad's part?? Well.....

Reece made it to soccer but without shin guards or a water bottle (sort of important when your going to be running for an hour)

Dad did pick up Landon and Seth from scouts but instead of bringing Seth to our house where his mom was going to pick him up he dropped Seth off at his house, where nobody was home, and drove off without waiting to see if Seth got in the house okay, which he didn't, and was left outside, in the dark, waiting on the curb, for his mom to get home.

Of course Travis realized his mistake immediately when Seth's mom showed up at our house to get Seth and Seth was not there and she immediately jumped back into her car and sped home and Travis was left thinking  ......oh crap.  After several phone calls, (Travis calling to apologize, me calling to apologize) I'm happy to report Seth is just fine and hopefully not permanently scarred for life.

On the way home from my meeting I called Travis to make sure he wasn't screwing everything up check in and let him know I was going to grab a pizza for dinner. (I didn't know anything about the Seth incident at this point)

 His reply: "Oh, I've got dinner cooking just grab some milk from the store."
My response: "Really? Wow, how nice. Okay cool, see you in a minute"

Getting home with milk and $65 worth of other "stuff" (that always happens right?).  Kitchen is a BOMB.  Kids are finishing up the last of the chicken nuggets.
Me thinking: "How in the heck is the kitchen this messy from making chicken nuggets?"
Travis says, "What can I make you? I had no idea the kids ate so much and they ate all the food and there isn't anything left for you (as he is finishing eating my salad from Paradise Bakery that I had for lunch and was saving the rest for later)."
It's 8:00 at night, I'm tired, I'm hungry....Travis has a meeting to go to.
My reply: "I'm fine, I'll find something"
I'm thinking: "Seriously could have been eating pizza right now (with my leftover salad) and had a clean kitchen"
Travis leaves for meeting and I finish up homework, clean kitchen and get kids in bed.  Travis rolls in at 10:30 pm and is exhausted.
Travis asks,  "You do this by yourself when I'm gone?"
My reply, "Ya, today was easy"

For the record,  I would NEVER EVER want to do his job.  Way more than I could ever handle but it is sometimes nice when he realizes my job is hard too.


Christina said...

You had me laughing throughout the post. You do so much in a day. Nice Travis got to see that too.

Quinton J said...

One of favorite posts yet!!!!

It’s so crazy how much a solid (time tested) routine makes a difference. Travis didn’t stand a chance walking into your routine. Not a bloody chance.

I took the kids to swimming last Wednesday. We usually have to bounce as soon as I get home so they USUALLY put on their bathing suits at home and I USUALLY pack a bag with their shampoo, towels and underwear…this so that they can just whip off their clothes when we get there. Well I didn’t check the contents of the bag and they were pretty pissed when they had no underwear after swimming.

And I’ve only got 3.

Kimberlee said...

LOVE LOVE this post...classic...just classic. Miss seeing you now that we aren't in the same ward.

Meredith said...

That was hilarious! Glad to hear that you are surviving. I still don't know how you do it. :)

TJ said...


Carrie said...

Adrienne you are superwoman!!!

Lorchs said...

Hey, I was thinking of you the other day because I am attempting to decorate my house for Christmas and Felt like I needed someone who knows how to decorate for a second opinion... YOU....Missing you......