Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pumpkins and Halloween Fun

Friday afternoon Travis flew in from California and I had plans for the family to go to the pumpkin patch but getting in the car and driving there would have been too easy. We like to make life exciting and complicate things a bit more so we decided to have the water heater leak all over the garage. Of course we did this while dad was out of town so mom had to call Grandpa Honeycutt (my dad) in Utah and ask him how to shut it off.  Travis wasn't answering his phone after several calls! Work schmurk--I'm having an emergency here!
 Anyway, mom was a little bummed by the water heater drama because miraculously Landon and Dayton didn't have a football game this week and so that meant a FREE SATURDAY!?  What?  I've never heard of this?  What do people do?  So when the water heater went out and Trav said he needed to replace it I thought REPLACE WATER HEATER is what was going to do with our FREE day.  But to my utter amazement Travis took out the old water heater, slapped in the new one and was done in no less than 20 minutes!  He is the MAN! 

So we were off to THE PUMPKIN PATCH! Old Navy?  Naturally the water heater being done so quickly was not exciting enough so when we were about 20 minutes into our drive to the pumpkin patch Dayton pipes up with a "Mom!  I forgot my shoes!"  Nice.  
So we made a quick detour and stopped at the closest store which happened to be Old Navy and I ran in and bought him these.  I told Dayton he had to pay me for them because he has a habit of always forgetting everything (helmet for football, homework for school) and I wanted to teach him to be more responsible so I wouldn't have to always bail him out.  I told him they cost $37 dollars :)
We finally arrived at the Pumpkin Patch?

They had some steer roping the kids practiced on.

They also had horse rides
Reece was ready to race and was a little annoyed with the guy leading the horse.
Sadie wasn't quite sure what to think.  She liked petting the horse but was a little unsure what to do riding it.

Here we are getting ready to take the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.
And here is the Pumpkin Patch?  NOT!  False Advertising.  It was disappointing that it wasn't an actual pumpkin patch and that they just had pumpkins piled up.  Kids were a bit disappointed too as we have always have gone to a REAL patch and cut our pumpkins off the vine ourselves or gotten them out of our gardens.  Landon and Dayton kept saying "If we were still in Colorado we would have tons of pumpkins just in our backyard"

 I have to admit I was pretty homesick too for old friends and family and past traditions but tried to put on a happy face anyway.  Landon and Dayton chose the biggest pumpkins there.
 Sadie was definitely the cutest pumpkin in the patch.

 They had a petting zoo there so the kids thought that was fun.

 When we got home we went into the carving part.  Reece and mom had this brilliant idea (that I promise I didn't steal from anyone) to put marshmallows in for the smile (wink wink--evil laughing).  Isn't it cute?  Reece did say if he didn't like how the marshmallows looked he would have to take them out and eat them.  Guess what got eaten?
 Landon and Dayton each made scary faces and if you can believe it I didn't get a picture of their pumpkins?  Oops-my bad.  It was about 11:30 at night and I'm guessing I was in zombie mode by then.  Overall it was a fun night even though there were some bumps along the way.
The next night we had Trunk or Treat at the church which was somewhat weak but the kids were happy with the candy and even though Halloween was on Sunday this year Landon and Dayton and Reece hit our little neighborhood for more candy.  Apparently I am a loser mom this year as I missed getting pictures of the kiddos in their costumes--who does that? Oh ya, me.  Landon was a zombie, Dayton was a ninja, Reece was Batman one night and The Hulk the next night and Sadie was Dumbo the Elephant.  Mom was a witch and dad wore his lovely mullet wig.
It was a fun weekend.


Quinton J said...

NICE WORK!!!!!!!!

Travis is the man. No more burittos. Seriously...20 minutes? Yeah. The man.

And your family is the cutest. I smiled through the whole post and all of the pics. It kinda burns when you're out buying flip-flops and we just picked up big-dutty boots that the kids can barely walk in.

And I LOVE your pumpkin idea. I'm SO Totally gonna steal that next year. My kids are going to be like..."DADDY! YOU'RE THE COOLEST!!!"

My cheeks are kinda sore from smiling. Loved this post.

Tara said...

I am laughing so hard at the pink flip flops. You are awesome.

Adrienne said...

Tara, they were red just look a little pink in the picture. I'm not that mean. Mean yes, that mean--only sometimes :)

travis.jensen said...

Thanks for the great family date Ades! You're the WOMAN! Love ya.