Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just for fun

Why was I not surprised when I was inside and I heard a loud "MOM!!!" and I walked out and found this.
Followed by, "I was getting my balloon"
Then later that day I saw this.  Can you see it?  A lovely sticky hand thingy magigger stuck on my ceiling in the most convenient place.
That's okay because after getting the mail and noticing that Dayton has been approved for his first credit card I felt better.  Can wait to rack this thing up then call the company and tell them he is 8 years old.  Too bad for them.
What does Dayton need a credit card for anyway.  He is too busy rollerblading and finding dead, smooshed snakes to scrape up with his stick and bring home to show mom.  "Nice honey, that's just lovely."
Don't you love it when you tell your kids to go to bed and they tell you they aren't tired and then later you find them asleep on the stairs.
 Reece is out cold.
How about a game of twister.....except we can't find the spinner
 So we make our own move ideas like "left bum cheek on yellow" and "head on red"
One day we got hungry and called Wendy's to deliver some food.  You didn't know they delivered?  Well, maybe just for us.
 Directly in front of our house.
 Kids hopped the fence to get the free Frosty coupons.
(sorry about the terrible picture, camera battery dying)
 Dad has no idea what we do when he is out of town.  Mom didn't want to sleep in her room all alone so we had a sleepover, on a school night.  We are so rebellious.
 Kids. Loved. It.
 Maybe too much.
Mom in vain: "Guys you need to go to sleep"
 Don't be fooled, they only pretended to be asleep.
 Sadie: "My brothers don't wear shirts to bed so why should I?" 
Mom: "Ummmmmm, I'll explain later.  Like 12 years from now."

Good night my babies.  Sleep tight.

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Quinton J said...

LOL...Reece...get the butter...he's toast.