Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Bottomless Pits!

This last summer the kids and I went over to a friends house for lunch. We were making sandwiches for the kids and my friend asked if they wanted a half or a whole sandwich and I remember thinking "Is two an option?" My boys are bottomless pits! Saturday after the pumpkin patch we went to the Golden Corral for lunch. Travis and I are not big fans of buffett restaraunts but it is a favorite for our kids. They eat and eat and eat. I am not a light eater but I am still amazed to see what these boys can throw down. For breakfast I made an entire package of bacon, 12 scrambled eggs, 10 pieces of toast, a big bowl of strawberries, a whole pitcher of OJ and there wasn't a scrap of food left. I'm pretty sure ten minutes after they were done eating breakfast I heard "Can I have a snack?" When we were living in Parker I remember a conversation I had with one of our good friends Ann Alletto. At the time the Alletto's had 3 teenage boys and 2 teenage girls, I remember Ann saying that their household food bill was more than their mortgage! I think those days are in our future.

Reecer with his icecream cone for dessert!
Dayton had 3 plates of food (real food) and dessert of course!

Landon also had three plates of food and dessert! Crazy!

Sadie just sat patiently thinking?? Are you guys done yet?

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Kenn and Natalie said...

Help! We are in for the same thing. I am amazed at how fast the food in our house disappears!