Sunday, October 26, 2008

Devious Dayton!

Pretty much since we got out our Halloween decorations out dear little Dayton has been making decorations of his own. He also has several fake spiders that he likes to place strategically throughout the house to try to scare me. I'll admit he has gotten me a few times. Here are a couple of pictures of his creations!

Here we have Dayton with a sinister look on his face after placing his spider on my purse!

Here is Dayton's scary monster pose along with little ghosts he made for my fake plants!

Another scary ghost hanging from the door...there isn't a door in our house without a decoration!

My cute little "Welcome" and fall wreath wasn't good enough for our front door so Dayton added his Jack-O-Lantern as well. (Scary pose again) Dayton wants everyone to know that this picture is "super scary because my shadow looks like a ghost that's going to getcha!"

Beware of the Devious Dayton come Halloween night everybody!


TJ said...

Very cute! Glad you are still is weird not chatting daily... :)

becca said...

Looks fun. Jacob has decorations up too. I guess it's the age.

Susan said...

Dayton is a rock star! I am still laughing inside just picturing all of his awesome faces he made during the Primary program today. He is the coolest!

Kenn and Natalie said...

That is so cute! Nathan, my 2nd boy gets so excited about decorations as well. Your boys are so cute.