Friday, April 23, 2010


I found this story Landon wrote for school in his backpack and wanted to record it because I think it's hilarious.

By Landon Jensen

One day I woke up and found an alien. I told the alien to take me to his leader. The alien was 4 feet tall and had a head as round as a big bouncy ball. The alien took me into a flying saucer and pressed about 500 buttons in 1 second. When we got to his planet it was 20,000,000 AD. We had traveled through time! The alien said that his planet was planet 2,805,640. After that we went to this enormous castle. When we got in the leader (whose name was Zor) asked the alien if I was a prisoner. As soon as the alien said no Zor dived at me. Right when that happened the alien ran into the flying saucer and flew straight toward me. Luckily I ducked and it hit Zor. Then I ran into a different flying saucer and flew home. That is when I learned to never trust aliens.


TJ said...

It is good that he is learning that lesson now! Those aliens are crazy!

Angela said...

Super creative story! It's nice to hear what goes on in that head of his! We miss him!