Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I like about Arizona

Lately I have been like the children of Israel looking back at Egypt and murmuring about where the Lord has led me and wanting to go back. I know we were led to Arizona and even though it is hard it is where we are suppose to be and yet with all the home construction, lack of friends and other stresses that come along with moving I find myself looking back and feeling sorry for myself. So this post is about all the things I like so far about Arizona.
*I love that it is warm.
*I love my community. My kids can ride their bikes, scooters all around and there isn't any traffic. In fact we are at the end of a street and nobody drives by our home unless they are coming to my home.
*I love that it takes less than 5 minutes to get to church.
*My kids get to attend an "Excelling" level school which is highest in Arizona.
*I love that a half a mile from my home is a state park that I can run in any and everyday if I want.
*I love that the church is building a temple right next to our church building.
*I'm excited that Wet and Wild water park is three miles from our house and we bought season passes for the summer.
*Summer movie program where you get to go to 10 movies for $7 what a steal.
*I love that there are more than 40 Young women in our ward and they love to babysit.
*Travis loves that Elder's Quorum is having a "Burgers and Bullets" activity. You bring your own meat and guns and ammo and practice target shooting. "Salad and all that other stuff is not allowed because it just gets in the way of the real eating."
*I love that we are only 6 hours from San Diego and Disney.
*Location, location, location. I love that we are within 5 minutes from the mall, tons of restaurants, church, grocery stores, preschool, school, and everything else I do on a daily basis.
*The best part about Arizona is Travis is home a little bit more.


Kristen said...

Even though it's hard to find the positives in a move and feeling like you are starting all over again, it's great that you have found some things to be happy about and grateful for. It's a great example to me and I have lived here for four years :)

Tara said...

Way to find a positive spin. We miss you so much, but I know that in a few months you are going to have a million friends, and feel right at home. (But we'd take you back in CO any day!)

Paige said...

That's a great list! What more could you want in a town? The construction will be over soon and you'll have a ton of friends before you know it! Hang in there!

Meredith said...

Wow, your location sounds great! I can't believe your ward has 40 YW. I guess that will be our ward in a few more years. :)

Angela said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you and it makes me want to move! Just kidding..sort of. I bet the yw will love Sadie like crazy and the boys too. I wanted to ask how the boys are adjusting to school?

Susan said...

Okay, maybe I'm a little envious of some of those things! Except the heat... I really think I'd rather be cold. I ran with Tara yesterday and it was only 60 degrees, but I was dying.

I miss you - but I'm also really, really happy for you! :)

Joanna said...

I have been wondering about you! I think of you often, everytime I drive past your house, in fact! I bet if you made a list of CO perks it would be comparable to AZ...except for the friends, I guess. You need to have one of your FANTASTIC parties and they will come flooding in! Miss ya.

Lorchs said...

Hey Lovely Lady. Arizona sounds pretty dam awesome! I personally would love the warm weather and the fact that you are only 5 minutes from all of those things is MAJOR! I miss you, but if anyone can up and get it going somewhere, you can.

Carrie said...

5 minutes from the church and soon a temple!!! lucky lady! Ariz. sounds really nice, You will have more friends than you know what to do with soon and you'll forget all about us here in CO!

Hollie said...

Casey would so be going for that Burgers and Bullets thing. :) Everytime I read your blog I can hear your voice and I miss ya. All those new neighbors are lucky to have someone with as much coolness as you have move in. You know you are going to be popliar so fast. :)

Alli grins said...

Great list! I was unpacking boxes today (we moved Thursday) and was thinking about you and wondering how you were adjusting. I loved AZ and really hope you will too! You are such a fun person and I'm sure it will feel like home soon. I'm with you on the location requirement, especially after where we both lived:-) Love to you and your family!