Monday, April 5, 2010

Landon heads into Double Digits! 10 Years old!

Before we left for Arizona Landon had an early Birthday party with just a few friends. We had pizza and cake and went to a movie. They had a great time. It was good to have one last Hoorah with such great kids.
Parker and Landon along with other friends Nathaniel had a duct business where they would make wallets and other various items out of duct tape and sell them. They were so funny about coming up with their business strategies. Mostly I think they saw lots of $$ signs.

This bottom picture is on Landon's Real Birthday March 26th about a month after the top pictures. We had been in Arizona for a week and some of our favorite friends John and Laura Cecil from Parker Colorado were in Arizona for their son AJ's (top left) baseball tournament so we were lucky enough to have them over for BBQ, Cake and the kids swam in the FREEZING pool. It was so fun to be with them I didn't want them to leave and when they did I felt homesick. Not sure if I was homesick for Erie, Parker or just my mommy but anyway. This picture is so funny because Laura is more like a sister than a friend and that means I can be real and we ate in our disastrous house and had fun and nobody cared. Plus Landon thought they came all the way to AZ for his Birthday! Not really but he thought it was cool anyway.
BTW this picture was taken about 10 ish at night and all children were on the verge of melting down after very long days for everyone.


TJ said...

It was a great evening. Thanks for the visit Cecils!

Laura said...

I love that A.J. looks like he is wearing blue panties, Easton is pouting because he can't stay the night or come back in the morning and Reece is wondering why A.J. is making that HORRIBLE face! Miss and love you! Thanks again for dinner and time with you! ~Laura