Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What I'll miss about our Erie Home

Well, here it is in all it's glory! Our Erie home. One last picture as we drive off to our hotel and then head to DIA to fly away to
Arizona. I wanted to document some things I loved about our Erie home so I don't forget. First is the outside, I like the curb appeal of this house and in the spring the bushes will be golden and grass green for nice
curb appeal. Too bad about a year later the builder built a spec home in the vacant lot 2 HOUSES down from us that is the EXACT model chose the EXACT colors. I was 9 months pregnant at the time (with Sadie) and I let the builder know how annoyed I was with that. Who wants their neighbors house to look just like theirs? Duh. Oh well, I still liked my home.
The backyard was a little tricky but we had a plan. We built it in a tiered system and although we moved before finishing our deck with the stairs that led to the top tier I still thought we did a great job. Travis lifted and placed every single one of those blocks. He's amazing. Purple lilac buses in the back in front of the second wall and yellow forsythia in the front to provide a natural hedge border. I wish I had pictures with everything in bloom. Three yummy peach trees on one side with our garden spot on the top tier with sprinkler zoning for each individual box. I guess my canning carrot days are over :)
I loved this chandelier. Before we moved into our home I saw it in a home at the Parade of Homes and thought I would never be able to have it because I guessed it cost so much. Then another day I was in a lighting store and there it was. It was as expensive as I thought but Travis indulged me and we got it. It was perfect for our entryway and since we were going to live in this house for the rest of our lives we justified the expense. Two thousand dollars. Good bye my overpriced chandelier that I loved anyway :(
Dayton's room was a striped paint job with crown molding. It went well with his bedding.
Much like myself, Landon is a creature of habit. His Erie room was just like his Parker room with beadboard on the bottom and blue paint on the top. Whatever makes him feel comfortable is okay with me.
No I won't miss my formica countertops that I was planning on replacing with granite eventually but I will miss my 2 dishwashers....yes my 2 dishwashers were so awesome, I never had a dirty dish in the white sink that I was also planning on trading out for the stainless steel when I got the granite.
Along with 2 dishwashers I also had a second laundry closet upstairs (yes I'm spoiled) and when I was showing the new owner all the features and how to work everything he mentioned they might take out the stackable washer and dryer and just make it a linen closet. WHAT! ARE YOU CRAZY! Anyway, I almost died, what mother wouldn't love 2 laundry rooms. I told him not to do that, that would be stupid (we had already closed so whatever).
Four car garage with high ceilings. Self explanatory in the awesomeness of that. We didn't have a utility door because we were planning on putting a garage door on the back end of our 3rd bay garage so we could pull a trailer right through the garage and park our future "toys" on the back cement patio that we had poured last summer. It was a good plan.
Along with building 2 monster retaining walls Travis also built a bench and a firepit for our backyard. We plumbed it for gas but prefer wood so we never added the insert.
Notice three little hand prints..."Landon, Dayton and Reece were here!"
(okay, I'm almost crying now...this is why I haven't blogged much)
As much as I loved my house in Erie, I've moved enough to realize that I never miss the houses or the things in them but the things I really miss most are.......
The amazing people I can't take with me.
Everywhere I have lived, my house was never the cleanest,
my hair was never the cutest,

I'm far from the most stylish, but
I've always, ALWAYS had the BEST friends.
Miss you All!

BTW: Why do I not have any pictures of the Copes, Melvers, Maddox's, Shriners, Johns, Toys, etc. and more of my BFF's? Send some to me!


TJ said...

At least we continue together for the next adventure. Love ya Ades!

Angela said...

You and your family are missed!!

Meredith said...

I was just wondering why my picture was left out! JK, I am relieved you didn't post my scary "New Moon Party" photo! Miss you too.

Susan said...

The thing I miss most about your Erie house is YOU! OXOXOX.

Hollie said...

That house is beautiful! And yes, you are definitely spoiled with the two laundry and dishwashers. That would be so nice! Post some pics of your new house too, I would love to see. Sounds like all your friends are awesome, and they are missing you!

Quinton J said...

Dude...that house was friggin' huge.