Monday, May 25, 2009

Fishing at Willowtail Springs

At the Lakehouse they had canoes and a smaller fishing boat for our use. This was the favorite for Landon and Dayton. Here is a picture of everyone getting ready to head out on the lake. It was a beautiful setting.Dad catching the first bass of the day! (The only catch I might add)

Landon, Dayton and Dad took to the lake everyday, sometimes twice. Mom and Sadie went one time and little Reece went atleast once a day but for short little trips and wanted back to solid ground.

Look at the view. The owners of Willowtail Springs have about 60 acres of land in this area so it was very peaceful.

The boys became excellent "paddlers" by the end of the trip!

Fishing, canoeing and boating scored an A+ on this trip.

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