Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Landon's Pine Wood Derby 2009

Landon's first annual Pine Wood Derby race turned out to be a great success. He was so excited. I myself was a little nervous about the event because Travis was out of town for it and all the dad's at the church were making all these last minute adjustments to their cars (or atleast looking like they were). It is quite the serious event if you haven't gone before. All of the cars looked great and the boys were very excited. Landon's car turned out to be FAST! He took 1st place among the Bears and actually had the fastest car out of anybody! Way to go Landon. He was so excited to call his dad and let him know. The thing that is most exciting is that Landon built the car by himself. Of course Travis helped him by telling him what to do but Landon did all the work. So cool. We all couldn't help wishing Trav was there but he had a important meeting that he had to be at in San Francisco that night. He actually arranged the meeting early so he could leave and fly home but there were not any flights. I guess the next thing we need to build is our own private jet! It was a fun night. We celebrated with icecream!
These pictures are a bit blurry ( I was holding Sadie and trying to get pictures at the same time, not always easy) but Landon's car is the Silver one on the left side of the track. He appropriately named it the Silver Bullet.


Kenn and Natalie said...

How fun!! Kenn is the cub-master, so we are involved in scouts a lot too!

Melinda said...

What the? I can't believe you have kids old enough to be in scouts. Freak!