Monday, May 25, 2009

It's the Bar-D-Chuckwagon!

Since this was kind of our "nature", "outdoor", "hick" vacation we decided to go to the Durango Bar-D-Chuckwagon Dinner and show. We started off on a little train they had that went all around the property. It was perfect for little kids, they loved it.
They also had little shops and such that you could visit and a hiking trail. So before dinner we took a little hike in the mountains. The trail looked like it was stroller friendly but about half way up the mountain we had to abandon the stroller to the side and carry on without. Here is little Sadie and her cute smile after enjoying a lovely pre-dinner graham cracker.

The boys don't ever seem to have any trouble finding stuff to climb on.
The girls.
The dinner was served inside a big outdoor pavillion (which they had covered because of rainy conditions). It was all bar-b-que and they basically herded you through the line like cattle. After dinner the Bar-D-Wranglers put on a fantastic show of Western music. It was great and we were laughing and having so much fun. The kids favorite (and adults) was the "Old Matt Palmer had a farm" song, even little Sadie Ann was clapping and bouncing up and down. If you have a chance to check out a show I would recommend it. I guess there is a little "hick" in all of us Jensen's. One of the things Travis and I really liked about the show was that they had a "moment of silence" at the beginning of dinner and then they ended the "moment of silence" with an "Amen". At the end of the show they paid tribute to our country with a medley of American songs. One thing you always find among the heart of America is God fearing, country loving people which is very refreshing. It's nice to know we aren't alone out there.

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