Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tattle Tell

Tonight Travis was putting Reece and Dayton to bed and after Travis left the room Reece yells out "Dayton said a bad Word!" Well, Travis was right by the door and Dayton didn't say anything but Travis decided to see what Reece would do if he "punished" Dayton. So this is what happened:
Travis pretended to "spank" Dayton while Dayton pretended to be all hurt and sad. After his pretend punishment Dayton got back in bed and Reece seemed very concerned. He walked over to Dayton's bed and said "Dayton I'm sorry, are you okay?" Dayton responded very solemnly, "yes (sniff, sniff) I'm okay, it's okay). Reece gave Dayton a kiss and a hug and climbed back in his bed. Travis leaves the room and shuts the door and within two seconds hears Reece say.............. "DAYTON SAID A BAD WORD!!". What a little stinker. Poor Dayton having to share a room with such a traitor. We love you Dayton and know you don't say bad words.

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Melinda said...

LOL, that kid is a little stinker. I think he learned it from his mommy@!