Monday, March 16, 2009

Shout Out!

While I'm blogging I wanted to give a quick "shout out" to my awesome husband Travis. I definitely married up. It's Monday morning and Travis awoke at the early morning hour of 4am. He had to catch a flight to San Francisco for the week. He could have left Sunday night but that would have meant one more night away from the family so being the awesome dad/husband he is he sacrificed his sleep to make life a little easier on us. He might not know that I do notice all the efforts he makes like this and thought I would write it down for all to see. If you think he is awesome for doing this make sure you leave a comment and maybe comment on how your spouse is awesome and why. Love you honey.


Maran said...

I'm so glad when people take the time to recognize their husbands doing a good job. So often it seems like I read blog posts that are compaining about spouses. Good for you Adrienne!

So, my comment about Brian, is that he's awesome because he taught me one of my favorite things ever. . .how to keep a budget. And more importantly, he was patient enough to stick with me when we were dating and I didn't keep one. Plus, he really is a fantastic dad and husband for a myriad of reasons. I definitely married up as well.

We really missed you and your mom this weekend at Kristen's shower. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. By the way, women are hot when they're bald! I've always said if I didn't have such a skiwompus head shape, I'd Bic it.

TJ said...

Trav is awesome! He always works hard at work and makes sure to work hard and play hard with the boys when he is home!

Chris is awesome because he always cleans the whole house for me! I don't even remember the last time i did it! How sad is that??? He had the boys all day Saturday basically and still had it sparkling. Thanks hun!

Hansen said...

Travis, way to be awesome to my cool friend A! We like good husbands. They are nice.

I just had this conversation with Casey, we must share the same brain!

Susan said...

Kudos to Travis!

Melinda said...

Now that is the kind of man I am holding out for. : )

Laura said...

Adrienne, Travis ROCKS and you KNOW it and that is yet another reason why I adore you!

John just told me that everytime he hears the new country song by Zac somebody it reminds him of me. I heard the song in the car today and just cried as I listened to the words and realized how much he loves me. Nothing is better than forever, except choosing the person you can't live without in this life or the next!!

We chose well!!!