Monday, March 23, 2009

Star Wars episode IX---Landon's Birthday

Nine years ago in a Galaxy Far, Far away,
a baby boy of destiny was born. The Jedi council named
him Landon for they knew he was the chosen one. Recently the
Jedi Council has felt a disturbance in the force and has called upon Landon to
Start his Jedi Training. They have asked him to bring other brave younglings to train
with him in order to defeat the dark side, and you have been chosen. Please join us Your our
only Hope! May the Force be with you………..

“To Landon’s party go you must!”
-Master Yoda
The younglings arrived at the Jedi Training Academy and underwent Force Training (using the force to identify Star wars characters without seeing the picture), Yoda's strength training (obstacle course), Light Saber construction, Light Saber fight training, and Light saber and Force training combined. Ending with an "unexpected" visit from Darth Vader, Graduation Ceremonies, Celebration and Presents. It was a great day!
Darth Vader showed up at the party and the younglings took to him.
He didn't last long........

Posing in their scariest poses....
Refueling after graduating to Padawans. Mom was also a Jedi Master and was sporting the white Jedi robes along with Sadie. Dad, the boys and party guests wore the tan Jedi training vests. (Sadie looked super cute but fell asleep before I got the camera out!)

Yummy birthday cake although it was a total rip off! $27 dollars from Target? All it had was a star wars picture and a border...whoop dee do da. I guess I'll have to take up cake decorating.

All the boys had a good time and Landon loaded up on Bakugans and Star Wars legos. We love you Landon! Happy Birthday!


Meredith said...

I love the invitation and the light sabers! I have a feeling that I will be calling you and stealing some of your ideas, since both my kids are obsessed with Star Wars. It looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

TJ said...

I am flying you out so you can plan Brady's next birthday...Happy Birthday Lando!

Hansen said...

May the force be with you Landon!

Kenn and Natalie said...

OK AMAZING MOM!! What an awesome party you planned! My boys would be in heaven! I'm impressed with your creativity!

Melinda said...

Dude, the moms of little boys have to know a lot of stuff about Star Wars. I have no clue what a Bakugan is.