Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dayton turns 7!!

I can't believe Dayton is SEVEN years old.  Time goes by so fast.  We celebrated at home and then later with friends for a Boondock party. 
 Some things I love about Dayton:
*Dayton has a terrific sense of humor.  He always makes us laugh with his funny faces, crazy jokes and laid back attitude.
*Dayton is the "milk chugging champ" of his school!  I'm so proud.  Apparently all the kids see who can drink their milk the fastest at lunchtime and he is King.
*Dayton is tough.  He has pulled his own teeth out in order to get money from the tooth fairy and the teeth were not wiggly yet!!  
*Dayton is a great big brother and tolerates sharing a room with little Reecer who usually talks and talks while Dayton listens patiently before he is able to go to sleep.
*Dayton is the kid that makes you go hmmmm.  For example, he will be the kid that comes home from somewhere with only one sock or one shoe and you ask him where the other one is and he says "uhhh"  with a big grin on his face that you can't get mad at him.  
We love you Dayton and our so happy to have you in our family.  Happy Birthday!

Clothes and a new video game for his new Nintendo DS.

As you can see we are quite formal and get all dressed up for Birthday dinners!

Boondocks with a bunch of Boys!
They all decided to make a goofy face, shocking I know, they are all usually so serious.
Mitchell Maddox, Reece, Bodhe Melver, Jude Toy, Landon, Michael Hughes, Dayton, Parker Remund and Gavin Hill.

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