Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Day in Hawaii!

Our last day! How did it go so fast....sniff sniff. The boys enjoyed one more swim in the ocean.Mom and Sadie played in the sand. Sadie loved it and loved being buried.
The boys wanted in on the burying so mom obliged. I think it is a rule you have to bury yourself in the sand at least once before you leave the beach so we did.
Dad's goatee was gone but Landon found a way to honor it's memory.....
Dayton found a little sea urchin friend in this rock and wanted to bring it home as a souvenir....we sent it back to it's ocean home.
Some attempts to get a few family photos! Notice I said attempts... and no we are not matching, who do I look like Martha Stewart!

A final ALOHA to our amazing Hawaiian vacation. We had a great time together.


Laura said...

Love the picture of Reece! What a treasure! LOVE THE SONG MOMENTS! I cry everytime I hear it! We have had our "moments" holding those little girls in our arms. Something that we thought we could never do, but we did. We held them and said hello and goodbye for now! I will always think of that time in my life when I hear this one! I will always love you Adrienne!

Tara said...

I couldn't be more jealous! What a fun family trip. And I think the family pic turned out PERFECT.

Lindy said...

I loved seeing all your fun adventures in Hawaii--you guys are amazing for taking all the kiddos, but what fun! I'm was totally laughing/sympathizing with you about the plane ride over. "High strung" is a good way to describe a mom after a long plane ride w/ little ones :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrienne! What a fun trip that must have been. The only negative thing that I could say is that you forgot to ask me if I wanted to come along. You've got a beautiful family.