Monday, June 29, 2009

Sea Life Park

Reece had his first kiss with a girl other than his mom. Sure she might weigh more than 500 lbs and have a blowhole in the top of her head but it was love at first sight and you can't stop love! Landon and Dayton did a little dance with our dolphin friend and mom and dad got to interact as well. Sadie had a love hate relationship with the dolphin. She liked the dolphin but hated the lifejacket she had to wear so we opted not to buy the $20 picture of her being less than happy with the dolphin. Still it was a great experience.
Some of the Jensen's showering off after our dolphin encounter.
We spent our second to last day in Oahu at Sea Life Park. It is an interactive park where you get to have a more intimate experience with several sea animals.
These turtles were HUGE! I loved them. The kids were able to feed them some lettuce.
I know I'm her mom but can she be any cuter? Really? I love this little one!
A sea lion show was very cute.
Checking out the underwater version of the dolphins.
Petting a shark..!
My blue eyed girl. (By the way, the pics of me still in my swimsuit was right after I got out of the water with the dolphin, I don't normally walk around in my swimsuit I was just drying off still)

There was a large aquarium where we observed another shark and other ocean animals.
Check out the turtle and Ray! So cool.
It was a fun day and a great experience to be so close to the animals. The kids loved interacting with the dolphins and dancing and exchanging kisses.

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